Research Handbooks in Political Thought series

Series editor: John Kane, Professor, School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

The Research Handbooks in Political Thought series provides a comprehensive state-of-the art overview of contemporary research and thought in all areas of political philosophy and political theory. Combining theoretical, methodological and comparative perspectives, the series offers prestigious high quality works of lasting significance. Under the guidance of the Series Editor, Professor John Kane at Griffith University, these Handbooks will be edited by leading scholars in their respective fields and will comprise specially commissioned contributions from distinguished academics. The emphasis is on the most important concepts and research in each field with the aim of expanding debate and indicating likely research agendas for the future. By exploring political, economic, legal and philosophical dimensions, this series acts as a platform for interdisciplinary studies and an essential reference point for all academics, researchers and students of political thought.

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