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    China and the Global Economy

    Edited by Shahid Yusuf
    China’s global economic footprint is large and growing. In recent years, China has contributed a third or more to the growth of the global economy, following its meteoric rise starting in the 1980s and gathering momentum in the 1990s. Ch...
    Hardback (2017)

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    State Capitalism

    Edited by Barbara Krug
    This book takes as its starting point the question of whether contemporary state capitalism simply uses different tools than earlier or other variants of capitalism, or whether it is an altogether new kind of economic regime. It brings t...
    Hardback (July 2015)

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  3. Add to Wish List Trade in Asia

    Trade in Asia

    Edited by Richard Pomfret
    This comprehensive collection brings together contributions that have increased our understanding of trade in Asia. Early debates centered on the advantages and disadvantages of joining the global economy as exporters to the high-income ...
    Hardback (May 2015)

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