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    Organizations Evolving

    Howard E. Aldrich, Martin Ruef, Stephen Lippmann
    Organizations Evolving offers a unique theoretical framework for understanding organizational emergence, persistence, change and decline. This updated and revised third edition presents an evolutionary view that provides a unified unders...
    Paperback (2020)

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    A Theory of Organizing

    Barbara Czarniawska
    This new edition of ‘A Theory of Organizing’ continues to promote a processual view of organizing, and presents a theory developed by combining multiple field studies with recent theoretical insights. The author defends the constructioni...
    Paperback (2015)

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    Hardback (January 2015)

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    Contemporary Issues in Management

    Edited by Lindsay Hamilton, Laura Mitchell, Anita Mangan
    This book is for upper-level students, managers and academics who are interested in exploring the ‘messy reality’ of the contemporary workplace and in considering how things might be done differently. In particular, it offers a critical ...
    Paperback (2014)

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