Organisational Behaviour

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    Sport Management

    Edited by George B. Cunningham
    Sport Management provides an insightful overview of the sport management discipline. The collection includes influential articles and chapters from leading scholars in the field, covering a wide array of issues. In adopting a multilevel ...
    Hardback (September 2013)

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    Management and Happiness

    Edited by Cary Cooper, Ivan T. Robertson
    This authoritative book brings together many of the leading published articles in the field of workplace wellbeing and happiness. It highlights the costs of a lack of wellbeing at work, what research suggests are the sources of depleted ...
    Hardback (2013)

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    The Economics of Organisation and Bureaucracy

    Edited by Peter M. Jackson
    This authoritative and in-depth collection presents seminal papers from leading academics in the field of organisation and bureaucracy. It encompasses sections on organisational boundaries, neo-Schumpeterian theories, hierarchy and inter...
    Hardback (2013)

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    Organizational Culture

    Edited by Sierk Ybema, Dvora Yanow, Ida Sabelis
    This authoritative two-volume set presents classical, contemporary and critical texts that have influenced the development of the field of organizational culture and symbolism. This indispensable collection includes seminal papers relati...
    Hardback (April 2011)

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    Managerial Decision Making

    Edited by Don A. Moore
    Managerial Decision Making is an essential and insightful volume that brings together classic articles on the subject of behavioral decision research. Professor Don Moore has selected the seminal articles that are the cornerstone of a di...
    Hardback (April 2011)

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  6. Add to Wish List Social Capital in Business

    Social Capital in Business

    Edited by Kenneth W. Koput, Joseph P. Broschak
    Innovative social investments are key to succeeding in the increasingly connected business environment. Within this authoritative volume, the editors have brought together seminal works which will help managers and entrepreneurs to bette...
    Hardback (February 2011)

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