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  1. Add to Wish List Varieties of Capital Cities

    Varieties of Capital Cities

    David Kaufmann
    ‘Varieties of Capital Cities provides a thorough and sweeping assessment of the ways four leading capital cities struggle to control their economic destinies through public locational policies. In a trenchant analysis of the economic, go...
    Hardback (2018)

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  2. Add to Wish List Mapping a New World Order

    Mapping a New World Order

    Edited by Vladimir Popov, Piotr Dutkiewicz
    ‘Despite the book’s several chapters being written by different authors with many and varied views and perspectives, it is coherent and fascinating to read. . . The intended readers are graduate and PhD students, as well as professionals...
    Hardback (2017)

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  3. Add to Wish List Europe’s Mediterranean Neighbourhood

    Europe’s Mediterranean Neighbourhood

    Edited by Pierre Beckouche
    ‘This book is an authoritative and engaging account of contemporary Europe–Mediterranean relationships and prospects. Based on in-depth multinational knowledge by a key group of scholars and practitioners, its extraordinary framework of ...
    Hardback (2017)

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  4. Add to Wish List Challenging Neoliberalism

    Challenging Neoliberalism

    Cal Clark, Evelyn A. Clark
    ‘In examining countries that have experienced rapid economic growth and development, the proper role of the state vis-a-vis the market has been intensely scrutinized and debated. Engaging this literature through the lenses of neoliberali...
    Hardback (2016)

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  5. Add to Wish List Gender, Development and Disasters

    Gender, Development and Disasters

    Sarah Bradshaw
    ‘Once in a while a book is published which offers an empirically and theoretically informed analysis of an under-studied topic which helps to carve out a new field of enquiry. Such is the case with Dr Sarah Bradshaw’s breathtakingly deta...
    Paperback (2015)

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    Hardback (2013)

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  6. Add to Wish List Social Capital and Rural Development in the Knowledge Society

    Social Capital and Rural Development in the Knowledge Society

    Edited by Hans Westlund, Kiyoshi Kobayashi
    ‘This amazingly surprising book takes the popular topic of social capital and provocatively examines the contemporary rural development issue. New social capital driven thinking and insights are applied globally from a conceptual frame a...
    Hardback (2013)

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  7. Add to Wish List Islands at Risk?

    Islands at Risk?

    John Connell
    This insightful book provides a wide ranging analysis of contemporary economic, social, political and environmental change in small islands and territories, through every ocean, and the small island states. It examines the decline of agr...
    Hardback (2013)

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