1. Add to Wish List A History of Macroeconometric Model-Building

    A History of Macroeconometric Model-Building

    Ronald G. Bodkin, Lawrence R. Klein, Kanta Marwah
    ‘This book contains a wealth of information, and will be very valuable to anyone who is interested in knowing how macroeoconometric models developed and how they have been used.’ – Journal of the History of Economic Thought ‘This book w...
    Hardback (1991)

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  2. Add to Wish List The Limits of Econometrics

    The Limits of Econometrics

    Adrian C. Darnell, J. L. Evans
    This ambitious book focuses on the underlying methodological issues rather than concentrating upon econometric techniques. The limits of econometric investigations are identified through a critical appraisal of three different approaches...
    Paperback (1991)

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