Economic Crime and Corruption

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    Designing Financial Supervision Institutions

    Edited by Donato Masciandaro, Marc Quintyn
    This book offers the first systematic discussion of a new and promising field: the economics of independence, accountability and governance of financial supervision institutions.
    Hardback (October 2007)

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    Black Finance

    Donato Masciandaro, Elöd Takáts, Brigitte Unger
    The recent dramatic wave of terrorist attacks has further focussed worldwide attention on the money laundering phenomena. The objective of this book is to offer the first systematic analysis of the economics of money laundering and its c...
    Hardback (2007)

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    The Scale and Impacts of Money Laundering

    Brigitte Unger
    The book gives an interdisciplinary overview of the state-of-the-art of money laundering as well as describing the legal problems of defining and fighting money laundering. It then goes on to present a number of economic models designed ...
    Hardback (2007)

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