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    Happiness in Economics

    Edited by Richard A. Easterlin
    Happiness in Economics presents a selection of the most important economics articles on individuals’ subjective well-being. The volume demonstrates that economics is relevant for people’s happiness.
    Hardback (2002)

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    Behavioral Finance

    Edited by Hersh Shefrin
    Behavioral finance is the study of how psychology affects financial decision making and financial markets. A valuable resource for both academics and practitioners, this authoritative collection brings together the main works in both psy...
    Hardback (2001)

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  3. Add to Wish List The Economics of Advertising

    The Economics of Advertising

    Edited by Kyle Bagwell
    This book brings together over thirty of the most influential previously published articles on the economics of advertising. Topics covered include an exploration of the welfare consequences of persuasive advertising and informative adve...
    Hardback (2001)

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  4. Add to Wish List The Psychology of Saving

    The Psychology of Saving

    Karl-Erik Wärneryd
    This innovative book provides an up-to-date assessment of the factors accounting for the differences between people who save and people who do not save money.
    Hardback (1999)

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  5. Add to Wish List Not Just for the Money

    Not Just for the Money

    Bruno S. Frey
    In Not Just for the Money Professor Frey challenges traditional economic theory and argues that people do not act in expectation of monetary gain alone, nor do they work solely because they are paid. Furthermore, the author claims that h...
    Paperback (1998)

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    Hardback (1997)

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  6. Add to Wish List The Economics of Uncertainty

    The Economics of Uncertainty

    Edited by John D. Hey
    This book documents the theoretical reconstruction of the theory of decision-making in the aftermath of this flood. It is divided into three parts and contains the key papers introducing and describing new theories of decision under risk...
    Hardback (1997)

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  7. Add to Wish List Economic Socialization

    Economic Socialization

    Edited by Peter Lunt, Adrian Furnham
    Economic Socialization is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on how children and adolescents come to understand the economic world. Specific issues addressed include the evolution of young people’s ideas about wealth distributio...
    Hardback (November 1996)

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  8. Add to Wish List ETHICS AND ECONOMICS


    Edited by Alan P. Hamlin
    The title provides an overview of the key structural issues at the interface of ethics and economics and collection will be welcomed by all those with an interest in economics and philosophy.
    Hardback (1996)

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  9. Add to Wish List Ergonomics and Human Factors

    Ergonomics and Human Factors

    Edited by David Oborne
    Ergonomics (ergos – work; nomos – laws) and Human Factors have almost identical characteristics and identities and have both developed in similar ways, within the same period, and for the same reasons. The Ergonomics philosophy is the a...
    Hardback (1995)

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  10. Add to Wish List Cognitive Science

    Cognitive Science

    Edited by Noel Sheehy, Antony J. Chapman
    Cognitive science is the study of intelligence and intelligent systems. Several disciplines including psychology, philosophy, linguistics and the neurosciences have well-established interests in these topics. Cognitive science is an at...
    Hardback (1995)

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    Edited by Stefano Zamagni
    This title appears exactly 20 years after the publication of Altruism, Morality and Economic Theory, an important volume edited by E.S. Phelps which contains the proceeding of a conference where social scientists and philosophers met to ...
    Hardback (1995)

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    Edited by Peter E. Morris, Martin A. Conway
    This valuable reference collection contains many of the major research papers that have identified and explored the structure of human memory. In an accessible and non-technical introduction the editors discuss the critical contribution...
    Hardback (March 1993)

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