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    Rethinking International Political Economy

    Benjamin J. Cohen
    ‘One of the giants and founders of IPE, Cohen provides a compelling analysis of progress and pathologies in the field while sketching a path forwards. Scholars both fresh and well seasoned will profit from a close read of his timely refl...
    Hardback (February 2022)

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    Commodity Exchanges

    Issouf Soumaré
    ‘This is an important and timely book. Many developing countries are establishing commodity exchanges and there are high hopes on using these market structures to improve the efficiency of the agricultural markets. This book provides a v...
    Hardback (January 2022)

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    Not yet published
  3. Add to Wish List Regulating Finance in Europe

    Regulating Finance in Europe

    Edited by Adrienne Héritier, Johannes Karremans
    ‘This book is a remarkable exploration of present-day European financial markets. It addresses crucial questions about how regulators, policymakers and financial organizations are held accountable through various ‘accountability mechanis...
    Hardback (November 2021)

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  4. Add to Wish List The Economics of Covid-19

    The Economics of Covid-19

    Imad A. Moosa
    ‘For the global community wanting to understand the economic causes and effects of the pandemic, this book is the one to read. Professor Moosa thoroughly analyzes the economics of pandemics and public policies developed to deal with thos...
    Hardback (November 2021)

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