Radical and Feminist Economics

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    Keynes’s Third Alternative

    Amitava K. Dutt, Edward J. Amadeo
    ‘Professors Dutt and Amadeo have produced a book that will serve as a useful introduction to some difficult and very confusing terrain in modern economics, namely, post Keynesian and neo-Ricardian economics.’ – Ali Al-Nowaihi, The Times ...
    Hardback (March 1990)

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    Marxian Economics

    Edited by J. E. King
    These three volumes offer an overview of Marxian political economy, with contributions by critics, supporters and those of a more neutral disposition. The first volume illustrates the breadth of Marx’s concern with history, politics and...
    Hardback (1990)

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    Sraffian Economics

    Edited by Ian Steedman
    ‘Ian Steedman’s account of Sraffian economics is excellent and he includes all the important articles to provide an admirable and coherent account of the post-Sraffa literature.’ – Walter Eltis, The Economic Journal In 1960, Piero Sraff...
    Hardback (1989)

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