Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Advanced Introduction to Business Ethics

    John Hooker
    This concise and engaging Advanced Introduction provides the conceptual tools necessary to make ethical decisions in today’s business world. John Hooker provides an objective and closely-reasoned analysis of ethical issues based on a uni...
    Paperback (2021)

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    Hardback (2021)

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    Developing Corporate Social Responsibility

    Francesco Perrini, Stefano Pogutz, Antonio Tencati
    The rapidly increasing attention devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has resulted in the term ‘CSR’ being applied to myriad dissimilar phenomena. The authors therefore aim to dispel this confusion by presenting a multi-facet...
    Hardback (2006)

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    Research in Corporate Sustainability

    Edited by Sanjay Sharma, Mark Starik
    This insightful book presents studies from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives: Human Resources Management, Strategy, Operations Management, Accounting, International Business, Marketing, and Development. It represents the latest s...
    Hardback (2003)

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