Political Geography and Geopolitics

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    Ocean Geopolitics

    Andreas Østhagen
    ‘Combining international political and legal perspectives, Ocean Geopolitics: Marine Resources, Maritime Boundary Disputes and the Law of the Sea offers fresh and timely insights on both the challenges and opportunities involved in the r...
    Hardback (June 2022)

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    Rethinking Environmental Security

    Simon Dalby
    ‘Simon Dalby has been at the forefront of efforts to rethink “security” “environmental security” and the discipline of International Relations for almost three decades. Rethinking Environmental Security is a lucid and important addition ...
    Hardback (May 2022)

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    Boundaries and Restricted Places

    Edited by Balkiz Yapicioglu, Konstantinos Lalenis
    ‘Sometimes a testament to nationalism, racism, exclusivity, insecurity, or xenophobia, immured spaces and their material representations – walls, borders, gates, and boundaries – have always been an attribute of the urban. This collectio...
    Hardback (February 2022)

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