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    Renmin Chinese Law Review

    Edited by Jichun Shi
    Renmin Chinese Law Review, Volume 8 is the eighth work in a series of annual volumes on contemporary Chinese law which bring together the work of well-known scholars from China, offering an insight into current legal research in China. C...
    Hardback (August 2021)

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    Technology and Corporate Law

    Edited by Andrew Godwin, Pey W. Lee, Rosemary Teele Langford
    ‘The breadth of perspectives of this work on technology and corporate law is as impressive as the insightfulness of its contributions. As technology heavily impacts corporate governance practices, organisational forms and the functioning...
    Hardback (August 2021)

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  3. Add to Wish List Extraterritoriality in East Asia

    Extraterritoriality in East Asia

    Danielle Ireland-Piper
    ‘In Extraterritoriality in East Asia: Extraterritorial Criminal Jurisdiction in China, Japan, and South Korea, Danielle Ireland-Piper has again demonstrated her comprehensive knowledge, and sharp analysis, of some of the most complex and...
    Hardback (July 2021)

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