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    Property Law

    Edited by Gregory S. Alexander
    This important two-volume collection assembles the seminal legal articles in property law and its subtopics published during the 20th and 21st centuries. The coverage is broad, as comprehensive as possible, ranging from theoretical to pr...
    Hardback (2020)

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    Equity and Trusts

    Edited by Lionel Smith, Alexandra Popovici
    This collection assembles the most important and influential papers in the field of Equity and Trusts. While taking seriously the intimate and historical relationship between English Equity and the law of trusts, the volume also addresse...
    Hardback (2020)

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    Agency and Partnership Law

    Edited by Mark J. Loewenstein, Robert W. Hillman
    This magisterial three-volume set presents the leading academic articles on agency law and partnership law, both classic and contemporary, serving as a valuable research tool for scholars and practitioners. The collection begins by focus...
    Hardback (2018)

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    Comparative Contract Law

    Edited by John O. Haley
    As cross-border transactions expand in our contemporary global economy, the significance of comparative contract law is evermore apparent. In addition the role of lawyers in transactional counselling as well as dispute resolution has bec...
    Hardback (2017)

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    International Sales Law

    Edited by Franco Ferrari, Clayton P. Gillette
    This authoritative collection presents carefully selected scholarly articles that describe and examine the principles of international sales law, as set forth in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Go...
    Hardback (March 2017)

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    Customary Law and Economics

    Edited by Lisa Bernstein, Francesco Parisi
    Customary law has been the subject of intense debate and the issues arising from the intersection of customs and the law are far from settled. This volume, separated into three parts brings together seminal work from scholars in law, eco...
    Hardback (2014)

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    Law and Economics of Insurance

    Edited by Daniel Schwarcz
    This timely two-volume collection successfully combines economically-oriented legal scholarship on insurance with policy-relevant economics scholarship on insurance. Professor Schwarcz has selected seminal contributions from the past twe...
    Hardback (June 2012)

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    Economics of Tort Law

    Edited by Alan O. Sykes
    This two-volume collection, prepared by a leading scholar in this field, brings together the seminal articles on the law and economics of tort law. The selection of papers addresses topics such as the Coase theorem, the choice between pr...
    Hardback (2007)

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    Economics of Contract Law

    Edited by Douglas G. Baird
    This important volume presents a rich collection of ideas on and insights into the law and economics of contracts. It includes material relevant to a large number of legal fields. Many of the articles are classics that have, over the yea...
    Hardback (2007)

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