Competition and Antitrust Law

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    European Antitrust Law

    Lorenzo Federico Pace
    The recent modification of the European Antitrust Law system, which concerns both the substance of the prohibitions and the system of enforcement, called for a thorough re-examination of this sector. Against this background, this book of...
    Hardback (2007)

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    Law, Economics and Antitrust

    Patrick A. McNutt
    In this accessible yet rigorous textbook, Patrick McNutt presents a clear and refreshing approach to a wide range of topics in law, economics and antitrust. The issues covered include duty and obligation, contracting, liability, property...
    Paperback (2007)

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    Hardback (2005)

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    Antitrust, Patents and Copyright

    Edited by François Lévêque, Howard Shelanski
    In modern markets innovation is at least as great a concern as price competition. The book discusses how antitrust policy and patent and copyright laws interact to create market dynamics that affect both competition and innovation.
    Hardback (2005)

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    EU Communications Law

    Peggy Valcke, Robert Queck, Eva Lievens
    This fascinating book examines and offers critical comments on the new ‘significant market power’-regime, as put into place by the 2003 European regulatory framework on electronic communications networks and services. An overview of this...
    Hardback (2005)

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  5. Add to Wish List Antitrust Abuse in the New Economy

    Antitrust Abuse in the New Economy

    Richard L. Gordon
    In this fresh examination of the Microsoft antitrust case, Richard Gordon critically examines the economics of the US government’s arguments. The conclusion is that the government presented a sketchy, incoherent, invalid economic case an...
    Hardback (2002)

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