Constitutional and Administrative Law

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    Citizenship and Constitutional Law

    Edited by Jo Shaw
    ‘What a treasure trove. Jo Shaw’s selection of academic literature on citizenship is a treat. Drawing from all over the globe, it will enable scholars and teachers from many disciplines working in citizenship to get a taste of its legal ...
    Hardback (2018)

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    Gender in Constitutional Law

    Edited by Catharine A. Mackinnon
    ‘Brilliantly introduced and orchestrated by the world’s most innovative thinker about gender and the law, Catharine A. MacKinnon, this collection of illuminating research papers on every important facet of this kaleidoscopic topic is one...
    Hardback (2018)

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    Comparative Constitutional Law

    Edited by Mark Tushnet
    ‘This collection offers ready access to a range of influential writings in comparative constitutional law from the past thirty years and will be welcomed by scholars working in the field. An extended introduction by the editor offers a n...
    Hardback (2017)

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    Constitution Making

    Edited by Sujit Choudhry, Tom Ginsburg
    ‘The spate of constitution making around the world in recent decades has encouraged a wealth of academic writing. This useful book brings together some of the most well-known pieces, in addition to a selection from earlier times. The col...
    Hardback (2016)

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    Social and Economic Rights and Constitutional Law

    Edited by Sandra Fredman, Meghan Campbell
    ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognised both civil and political rights, on the one hand, and economic and social rights on the other. Yet, until recently far more scholarly attention had been paid to civil and political ri...
    Hardback (2016)

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    Environmental Constitutionalism

    Edited by James R. May, Erin Daly
    Environmental constitutionalism is a new concept that protects local and global environmental conditions by invoking national and subnational constitutional law. As constitution-drafters in all legal traditions commit to environmental st...
    Hardback (2016)

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