Corruption and Economic Crime

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    Rethinking Organised Crime

    Leslie Holmes
    A complex phenomenon which has undergone significant changes in the past forty years, Leslie Holmes argues that organised crime is in need of re-conceptualisation. This innovative book navigates the evolution of this issue to grasp its f...
    Hardback (May 2024)

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    Designing Financial Supervision Institutions

    Edited by Donato Masciandaro, Marc Quintyn
    This book offers the first systematic discussion of a new and promising field: the economics of independence, accountability and governance of financial supervision institutions.
    Hardback (October 2007)

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    Black Finance

    Donato Masciandaro, Elöd Takáts, Brigitte Unger
    The recent dramatic wave of terrorist attacks has further focussed worldwide attention on the money laundering phenomena. The objective of this book is to offer the first systematic analysis of the economics of money laundering and its c...
    Hardback (August 2007)

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    Money Laundering and the Proceeds of Crime

    M. M. Gallant
    The pursuit of the financial proceeds of criminal activity has become a central theme of contemporary crime control. Initially conceived to tackle the global trade in illegal drugs, these methods have been more recently employed in the c...
    Hardback (2005)

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