Criminal Law and Justice

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    Whistleblowing Law

    Edited by Robert G. Vaughn
    ‘How should the law handle ostensible whistleblowers? And how, if at all, should the answer differ in the national security context versus other contexts, in private versus public realms, or for government employees versus government con...
    Hardback (2015)

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    Police Corruption: Essential Readings

    Edited by Leslie Holmes
    Police corruption is unquestionably one of the worst forms of corruption, as it can become a serious security issue and undermine a state’s legitimacy. This single volume brings together the most informative scholarly and practitioner ...
    Hardback (2014)

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    International Criminal Law

    Edited by William A. Schabas
    ‘In this helpful collection, Professor Schabas introduces the reader to the whole subject of international criminal law – an area which has witnessed a tremendous increase in attention, especially after the recent events in Northern Afri...
    Hardback (2012)

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    Economics of Criminal Law

    Edited by Steven D. Levitt, Thomas J. Miles
    ‘This volume brings together some of the most influential articles in the field of law and economics. Together the chapters illustrate how economic theory and rigorous empirical analysis can shed light on some of the most important issue...
    Hardback (2008)

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