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    Local Maladies, Global Remedies

    Everaldo Lamprea-Montealegre
    This forward-looking book provides an in-depth analysis of the major transformations of the right to health in Latin America over the past decades, marked by the turn towards the pharmaceuticalisation of health care. Everaldo Lamprea-Mon...
    Hardback (June 2022)

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    EU Development Cooperation Policy

    Tina Van den Sanden
    ‘The EU’s development cooperation policy plays an important role in the Union’s external relations, but also gives rise to complex and difficult legal problems. It is therefore exhilarating that with her book EU Development Cooperation P...
    Hardback (June 2022)

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    Not yet published
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    Technology, Innovation and Healthcare

    Bernadette J. Richards, Mark Taylor, Susannah Sage Jacobson
    ‘This is an excellent analysis of the relationship between law, innovation, technology, medicine and regulation. The book deals with both generalities at the beginning, then more specific issues – such as AI and data – that are both impo...
    Hardback (February 2022)

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