Law of Obligations

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    Climate in Court

    Pau de Vilchez Moragues
    Answering the key question of whether there is an obligation for States to define and enact sound climate policies in order to avoid the impacts of global warming, this timely book provides expert analysis on recent global climate cases,...
    Hardback (April 2022)

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    Comparative Law of Obligations

    Dário M. Vicente
    ‘Comparative research is foundational for the understanding of foreign law and of one’s own law, for stimulating legal reform, for harmonizing laws. It may tackle entire legal orders or single issues. Moura Vicente chooses a middle cours...
    Hardback (December 2021)

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    Rethinking Comparative Law

    Simone Glanert, Alexandra Mercescu, Geoffrey Samuel
    ‘A fascinating and refreshing book on legal comparison! Challenging the orthodoxy, the book offers fruitful reflections on the role of language and culture in law, and discusses questions of method, or the lack thereof, interdisciplinari...
    Hardback (October 2021)

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