Law of Obligations

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    Foundations of Public Contracts

    José G. Giacomuzzi
    ‘Comparative law requires knowledge of different national legal orders and to be successfully conducted depends also on historical knowledge. Comparisons should not be snapshots, but narratives. Giacomuzzi’s book is a remarkable and para...
    Hardback (May 2022)

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    Climate in Court

    Pau de Vilchez Moragues
    ‘In this excellent book, the author analyses litigation against the State before the national courts for not taking adequate measures against climate change. Showing an outstanding balance between social commitment and academic rigour, i...
    Hardback (April 2022)

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    Comparative Law of Obligations

    Dário M. Vicente
    ‘Comparative research is foundational for the understanding of foreign law and of one’s own law, for stimulating legal reform, for harmonizing laws. It may tackle entire legal orders or single issues. Moura Vicente chooses a middle cours...
    Hardback (December 2021)

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