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    Legal Design

    Edited by Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Helena Haapio, Margaret Hagan, Michael Doherty
    'Filled with actionable insights from the superstars of legal design around the world, this book will become a go-to resource for legal innovators and inspire a new breed of proactive lawyers to keep clients at the heart of their work.' ...
    Hardback (December 2021)

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    Advanced Introduction to Legal Reasoning

    Larry Alexander, Emily Sherwin
    ‘In an eminently lucid book, Alexander and Sherwin argue that legal reasoning is just not special or distinct. Whether or not one agrees with their claim, no one reading their wonderful and engaging book can escape the conclusion that th...
    Paperback (2021)

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    Hardback (2021)

    List price $120.00

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    Disciplining Judges

    Edited by Richard Devlin, Sheila Wildeman
    'Disciplining Judges represents a new and important contribution to the fields of Public Law and judicial studies. It positions judicial discipline as an essential component of constitutionalism and the rule of law. This marvellous colle...
    Hardback (2021)

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    The Art of Mooting

    Mark Thomas, Lucy Cradduck
    'This book offers brilliant new insights on the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of mooting. In an era of growing emphasis on experiential learning and innovation in legal education, Thomas and Cradduck have given law teacher...
    Hardback (2019)

    List price $120.00

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