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  1. Add to Wish List Effective Communication for Lawyers

    Effective Communication for Lawyers

    David Cowan
    Effective Communication for Lawyers is an essential guide to communicating in the radically and rapidly changing environment of professional law today. Offering a deep dive into understanding communication as behaviour, as well as practi...
    Hardback (2022)

    List price $115.00

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    Paperback (June 2023)

    List price $35.00

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  2. Add to Wish List How To Master English as a Multilingual

    How To Master English as a Multilingual

    Shai Dothan
    Based on years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers, this insightful How To guide describes not only the particular challenges that multilinguals face compared to native English speakers but also the unique benefits of w...
    Hardback (2023)

    List price $110.00

    Member price $99.00

  3. Add to Wish List Legal Design

    Legal Design

    Edited by Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Helena Haapio, Margaret Hagan, Michael Doherty
    This innovative book proposes new theories on how the legal system can be made more comprehensible, usable and empowering for people through the use of design principles. Utilising key case studies and providing real-world examples of le...
    Hardback (2021)

    List price $147.00

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  4. Add to Wish List Disciplining Judges

    Disciplining Judges

    Edited by Richard Devlin, Sheila Wildeman
    Globally, countries are faced with a complex act of statecraft: how to design and deploy a defensible complaints and discipline regime for judges. In this collection, contributors provide critical analyses of judicial complaints and disc...
    Hardback (2021)

    List price $174.00

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  5. Add to Wish List The Art of Mooting

    The Art of Mooting

    Mark Thomas, Lucy Cradduck
    This book examines the theories relevant to the development of skills necessary for effective participation in competition moots. By consideration of underlying theories the authors develop unique models of the skills of the cognitive, p...
    Hardback (2019)

    List price $133.00

    Member price $119.70

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