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    Advanced Introduction to Organised Crime

    Leslie Holmes
    Organised crime has become a major problem globally. Its negative impact on economies, societies, politics, human rights and security is profound: fraud, money laundering, drug, arms and human trafficking, and collusion with both law enf...
    Paperback (2016)

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    Contemporary Issues in Management

    Edited by Lindsay Hamilton, Laura Mitchell, Anita Mangan
    This book is for upper-level students, managers and academics who are interested in exploring the ‘messy reality’ of the contemporary workplace and in considering how things might be done differently. In particular, it offers a critical ...
    Paperback (2014)

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    Sociological Theory

    John Scott
    Authoritative, comprehensive and written in a thoroughly accessible style, this text will have major appeal to students, researchers, teachers and specialists in sociological theory.
  4. Add to Wish List Sociology


    Ken Roberts
    The book introduces sociology’s perpetual debates: the senses in which its methods can be scientific; the relationship between theory and research; and the role of sociology in society. It stresses how sociology addresses questions that ...
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