1. Add to Wish List Conflict and Transnational Crime

    Conflict and Transnational Crime

    Florian Weigand
    This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License. It is free to read, download and share on Exploring the links between armed conflict and transnational crime, Florian Weigand builds o...
    Hardback (2020)

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  2. Add to Wish List Rational Choice Sociology

    Rational Choice Sociology

    Michael Hechter
    Rational Choice Sociology shows that despite the scepticism of many sociologists, rational choice theory indeed can account for a variety of non-market outcomes, including those concerning social norms, family dynamics, crime, rebellion,...
    Hardback (2019)

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  3. Add to Wish List Italian Mafias Today

    Italian Mafias Today

    Edited by Felia Allum, Isabella Clough Marinaro, Rocco Sciarrone
    Despite a rapidly changing economic and legal landscape, Italian mafias remain prominent actors in the global criminal underworld. This book provides an extensive and up-to-date view of how they adapt to shifting economic opportunities a...
    Hardback (2019)

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