Urban and Regional Studies

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    Transport and Land Use

    Edited by Joseph Berechman, Hirotada Kohno, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    This collection includes both classical and recent papers that explore the complex interrelationships between transport, land use and the spatial organization of metropolitan areas. Since land use planning and transportation planning p...
    Hardback (1996)

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    Migration in European History

    Edited by Colin Holmes
    This major two volume set examines the motivations for migration drawing on the particular experience of Irish, German, Scottish, Italian, Scandinavian and other European migrants, as well as those who migrated to Europe, such as West In...
    Hardback (1996)

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    The Sociology of Migration

    Edited by Robin Cohen
    The Sociology of Migration is a collection of over 15 articles covering such themes as the peculiarity of migrant labour, the dynamics of international labour migration, women migrants, enclaves and labour markets, the effects of remitta...
    Hardback (1996)

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    Theories of Migration

    Edited by Robin Cohen
    In Theories of Migration, Robin Cohen has brought together a substantive body of scholarship from many disciplines and schools of thought which address the failure to produce one satisfactory general theory of migration. Attempts to con...
    Hardback (1996)

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  5. Add to Wish List Geography and Migration

    Geography and Migration

    Edited by Vaughan Robinson
    Geography and Migration includes macrolevel descriptions to examine whether migration takes place in discernible flows and whether there are regularities in migration patterns or in the characterisistics, origin and behaviour of migrants...
    Hardback (1996)

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    Edited by Herbert Mohring
    This major two volume set presents the most important articles and papers in transportation economics. Professor Herbert Mohring has made a careful selection of the most significant work at the frontiers of the subject, covering major i...
    Hardback (1994)

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