1. Add to Wish List Port Privatisation

    Port Privatisation

    Edited by James Reveley, Malcolm Tull
    ‘This book is an excellent reference on the state of port reform throughout the Asia-Pacific region. While there have been a number of articles in recent years on port reform in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore, much of t...
    Hardback (2008)

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  2. Add to Wish List Pricing in Road Transport

    Pricing in Road Transport

    Edited by Erik Verhoef, Michiel C.J. Bliemer, Linda Steg, Bert van Wee
    ‘. . . the book provides ample evidence of the various and often complex issues that arise in road pricing policies. New research is presented on topics mostly neglected in the past (such as the role of firms in rod pricing, or new insig...
    Hardback (2008)

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  3. Add to Wish List Decision-Making on Mega-Projects

    Decision-Making on Mega-Projects

    Edited by Hugo Priemus, Bent Flyvbjerg, Bert van Wee
    ‘Building on the seminal work of Bent Flyvbjerg, this book is a collection of expert contributions that will prove essential to anyone wanting to understand why mega-projects go wrong and how they can be made to work better.’ – Professor...
    Hardback (2008)

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  4. Add to Wish List Sustainable Automobile Transport

    Sustainable Automobile Transport

    Lisa Ryan, Hal Turton
    Transport, and in particular road transport, represents a significant global threat to long-term sustainable development, and is one of the fastest-growing consumers of final energy and sources of greenhouse gas emissions. In this book, ...
    Hardback (2008)

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  5. Add to Wish List Transport Project Evaluation

    Transport Project Evaluation

    Edited by Elvira Haezendonck
    ‘This timely book puts transport cost–benefit analysis in a wider, institutional perspective, relating it in particular to decision making. The book will be of interest to practitioners, consultants and academics who are active in the ev...
    Hardback (2008)

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  6. Add to Wish List Institutions and Sustainable Transport

    Institutions and Sustainable Transport

    Edited by Piet Rietveld, Roger R. Stough
    ‘This an outstanding and very needed work. Not only is it comprehensive, it links critical infrastructure to management institutions that are essential to its regulation and effective operations. Rietveld and Stough bring a new and fresh...
    Hardback (2007)

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  7. Add to Wish List The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks

    The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks

    Edited by Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore II
    ‘Knowledgeably compiled and expertly co-edited by the team of Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon and James E. Moore II, The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks is a groundbreaking study of the extensive damage done to the American econo...
    Paperback (2007)

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    Hardback (2006)

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  8. Add to Wish List Transportation Planning

    Transportation Planning

    Edited by Yoran Shiftan, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
    Transportation planning deals with the ways in which governments at various levels try to ensure the effective and efficient movement of people and goods. For this collection, the editors have selected the key previously published papers...
    Hardback (2007)

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  9. Add to Wish List Globalized Freight Transport

    Globalized Freight Transport

    Edited by Thomas R. Leinbach, Cristina Capineri
    ‘Globalization is a fashionable issue. But solid research on the conditions and implications for freight transport is badly missing. This volume contains a unique set of high-quality contributions on freight transport in the age of globa...
    Hardback (March 2007)

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  10. Add to Wish List Structural Change in Transportation and Communications in the Knowledge Society

    Structural Change in Transportation and Communications in the Knowledge Society

    Edited by Kiyoshi Kobayashi, T. R. Lakshmanan, William P. Anderson
    The transformation of the world economy from a system of nations trading materials-intensive goods to a system of seamless global networks for information-intensive goods and services has created the need for a comprehensive restructurin...
    Hardback (2007)

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  11. Add to Wish List Competition in the Railway Industry

    Competition in the Railway Industry

    Edited by José A. Gómez-Ibáñez, Ginés de Rus
    ‘I am impressed by this book on railway competition. . . I have not previously seen such a comprehensive treatment of the problems of introducing competition on the railways. The editors have found good authors and provide an up-to-date ...
    Hardback (2006)

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  12. Add to Wish List Telecommunications, Transportation and Location

    Telecommunications, Transportation and Location

    Kenneth Button, Roger R. Stough, Michelle Bragg, Samantha Taylor
    ‘The title says it all. Telecommunications, Transportation and Location delivers insight on the interrelationships between the technologies of communication and mobility and the changing spatial dimensions of society. . . Telecommunicati...
    Hardback (2006)

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