Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration and Management


Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration and Management

9781789903478 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Professor of Public Administration and Management, University of Haifa and Dana R. Vashdi, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Management, Division of Public Administration and Policy, University of Haifa, Israel
Publication Date: December 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78990 347 8 Extent: c 400 pp

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Contributors include: A. Barbashev, J. Baron, P. Belardinelli, E. Berman, R. Bouwman, H.T. Chen, C. Don-Yun, L. Gajary, H. Garelick, A. Goffen, M.E. Guy, J.V. Guedes-Neto, D. Herath, V. Hernandes Oliveira de Oliveira, F. Homberg, K. Kalu, D. Kettl, S. Khulmann, F.L. Leeuw, R. Macedo de Oliveira, V. Mele, P.A. Mischen, S. Mizrahi, A. Page, B.G. Peters, R. Plume, Y. Reingewertz, R.W. Schwester, D. Secchi, M. Seyfried, D. Vashdi, E. Vigoda-Gadot, D.L. Weimer, S.-B. Yang

1. The new age of research methods in public administration, public policy and public management
Eran Vigoda-Gadot and Dana Vashdi

PART I: Quantitative and Mixed-methods
2. Analyzing relationships between multiple variables
Dana Vashdi and Eran Vigoda-Gadot

3. Mixed methods in public administration
Paolo Belardinelli and Valentina Mele

4. Agent-based modelling as a tool for public management research
Fabian Homberg, Davide Secchi and Dinuka Herath

5. Hybridizing agent-based with system dynamics models: principles for theory development in public policy and management research
Lisa Gajary

6. Measurement of public values that do not involve money
Jon Baron

7. Theory building: utilizing factor analysis in the development of analytical constructs
Kalu Kalu

8. The use of Difference-in-Differences (DID) public administration research
Yaniv Reingewertz

PART II: Qualitative and Comparative Methods
9. Qualitative research approaches: Application in a UK public administration context
Ruth Plume, Alan Page and Hemda Garelick

10. Comparative methods A: Exploring big comparative questions in public administration
Evan Berman and Chen Don-Yun

11. Comparative methods B: Comparative methods in public administration – the value of looking around
Sabine Khulmann and Markus Seyfried

12. Comparative methods C: Building a cross-national research project
Mary E. Guy and Seung-Bum Yang

PART III: Experimental Methods
13. Experimental methods A: Survey experiments in public administration
B. Guy Peters and Joao Victor Guedes Neto

14. Experimental methods B: Laboratory experiments
Robin Bouwman

PART IV: Experimental methods B: Laboratory experiments
15. Program evaluation A: Program evaluation in action: Traditional and innovative approaches
Huey T. Chen

16. Program evaluation B: Evaluation, big data, and artificial intelligence: Two sides of one coin
Frans L. Leeuw

17. Policy analysis: Evaluating big stories
Shlomo Mizrahi

18. Introduction to social network analysis methods
Pamela A. Mischen

PART V: Big data and advanced methods
19. Advanced methods and big data
Donald Kettl

20. Dealing with open data: Measuring the performance of public higher education institutions using open government data
Vanessa Hernandes Oliveira de Oliveira, Róberson Macedo de Oliveira

PART VI: Ethics, outliers and reporting
21. Ethical considerations in public administration research
Richard W. Schwester

22. Finding gold in the dross: outliers as a resource for policy analysis
Anat Goffen and David L. Weimer

23. Constructive ending: how to finalize the conclusion and discussion of a research project and a journal article
Alexey Barbashev


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eISBN: 978 1 78990 348 5
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