Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship


Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

9781786434838 Edward Elgar Publishing
James D. Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship, Southern Methodist University, US
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 483 8 Extent: 328 pp
Entrepreneurship is a creative act with entrepreneurs creating products, services, jobs, economic stimulation, culture and more. This creatively written book offers a wide array of exercises of varied time requirements for implementation, as well as a complexity of content. In addition to more traditional topics, the book serves to enhance students’ imaginative and creative abilities so they can effectively problem-solve and build their creative entrepreneurial visions. Learning objectives can be directly implemented into syllabi.

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Entrepreneurship is a creative practice with tremendous impact, but how does one effectively teach entrepreneurs to engage in this sometimes tumultuous and risk-laden process? A traditional stand and lecture approach to teaching this complex subject does not always suffice, and many professors are finding that students benefit more from hands-on experiences. By engaging and acting, students can own their knowledge and progress beyond an intellectual understanding of the subject.

This book offers sixty-five experiential exercises, each designed to be applicable to the entrepreneurial process. These cross-disciplinary exercises vary in scale from single-class activities to course projects or yearlong capstones. Learning objectives are clearly defined so that instructors can incorporate the book’s exercises, games, simulations and demonstrations into their syllabi. Whether classes are basic, intermediate or advanced, instructors can use the exercises to engage their students and help them develop as creatively-minded entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship professors seeking experiential exercises to incorporate into their teaching will find this book of value.
Critical Acclaim
‘The richness of Hart’s pedagogy applies to the various types of entrepreneurship—business, social, cultural, feminist, arts, intra-, collective—that have evolved since Schumpeter’s framing of the term. .... Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship reflects Hart’s commitment to entrepreneurship, and he shares the philosophies on which he meditates to answer the “questions of ‘what makes you different and necessary’”. For academia, Hart’s pedagogical innovations speak to what entrepreneurs do and accomplish, not how entrepreneurship is defined. Accordingly, for students, Hart frees the next generation of dreamers, artists, makers, and entrepreneurs to communicate their visions of change confidently.’
- R. Scott Blackshire, Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts

‘The impact of entrepreneurship education is maximized when multi-disciplinary approaches are used, and yet most professors are trained deeply in one area. Hart''s book offers a dynamic and robust series of tools for educators to create their own hyper-involved classroom regardless of their discipline to prepare students to impact the real world. I highly recommend this book.’
– Julienne Shields, Millikin University, US and co-author/editor, Arts and Entrepreneurship

‘This book provides a wealth of in-class exercises to engage students in all aspects of the entrepreneurial process. I found great comfort in using a resource that has such a broad repertoire of activities that can challenge students to master new ways of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. If you need an exercise on a particular topic in entrepreneurship, you will find it in this book. This is a wonderful resource to involve students in entrepreneurial experiences where they can learn by doing and reflecting.’
– William B. Gartner, Babson College, US

‘Learning entrepreneurship requires doing entrepreneurship and the exercises in this book highlight doing as the pedagogy for learning. This book is my new “go-to” book for new exercises. Thank you for this contribution to entrepreneurship education.’
– Heidi Neck, Babson College, US

‘Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship is a must-have companion for any entrepreneurship educator. Hart has masterfully designed 65 impactful, implementable, and exciting experiential exercises for use in classrooms across all disciplines. I’m excited to implement these in my classes this year.’
– Eric Liguori, Rowan University, US

‘This thoughtful and practical book is a must-read for educators who foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity in the engaged classroom or workshop. As a field, we are so very lucky to have all of Hart''s insights in one place, and shared in such a way that makes them so easy to understand and apply. As a teacher, I am grateful to have found my new go-to resource.’
– Alex Bruton, PhD, President of The Innographer and Senior Instructor, University of Calgary, Canada

‘Hart’s book is an important resource with the potential to make a significant impact in how entrepreneurship educators teach. To be a successful entrepreneur requires creativity and a bias to action. This book has promotes both in a positive and constructive manner.’
– Bill Aulet, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management and author, Disciplined Entrepreneurship and Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook

‘Jim Hart is a USASBE award-winning professor of entrepreneurship and an innovative educator. He has an extraordinary gift of identifying critical elements of the entrepreneurial process and creating exercises and demonstrations for communicating it to others. For educators, this book has a wealth of tried and tested exercises for creating breakthrough understanding for students. Some of these exercises will also provide valuable insights for practicing entrepreneurs. For the entrepreneurially inclined this is a must-read.’
– Jerry White, Southern Methodist University, US
Contents: Foreword PART 1 IDEATION PART II ACTION 1. Communication 2. Competition 3. Capital 4. Marketing 5. Networking 6. Pitching 7. Plans and Strategy 8. Teams Part III INTROSPECTION AND REFLECTION Part IV TYING THINGS TOGETHER: SUGGESTED RECIPES Index

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