Discourse Analysis in Transport and Urban Development


Discourse Analysis in Transport and Urban Development

Interpretation, Diversity and Controversy

9781802207194 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robin Hickman and Christine Hannigan, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, UK
Publication Date: April 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 719 4 Extent: c 272 pp
Drawing on discourse analysis as an emerging field in transport and urban development, this innovative book takes a novel approach to examining the different interpretations, diversity of views and controversy in society.

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Drawing on discourse analysis, this innovative book takes a novel approach to examining the different interpretations, diversity of views and controversy in society about transport and urban development.

Combining theory with empirical case studies, this book breaks new ground in the field by critically engaging with an understanding of the different perspectives and subjectivities associated with transport systems and urban development projects. Incorporating the diverse wider societal and political contexts, various approaches to discourse analysis are examined, including content analysis, critical discourse analysis and Q methodology. Examining the narratives in transport and urban development, chapters study car advertising, highway reconstruction, public transport, bus provision, transit-orientated development and financialisation, walking and cycling networks, and emerging new technologies. Ultimately, the book argues that mainstream views and processes must be confronted in order to respond to contemporary public policy challenges, and makes a convincing case for the wider use of discourse analysis in transport and urban development research, planning and implementation.

Global in scope, this cutting-edge book will prove vital reading for students and scholars of transport planning and urban development. Its practical guidance will be useful to transport and development policymakers and practitioners working in urban and regional authorities, consultancies and civil society.
Critical Acclaim
‘Sustainable transport and urban development is key to future liveable cities, as the global urban population continues to grow across the world. A broader understanding of what are the most effective planning approaches to transport and urban development is required to move forward in a world facing climate uncertainties and growing population needs. Different perspectives and disciplinary approaches have provided, in recent years, a fresh take on ways to tackle some of the more complex urban problems. This book is among the first to bring together a mix of academics from a variety of disciplines, discussing different aspects of transport and urban development, using discourse analysis as primary methodological approach. This book provides researchers and students with a comprehensive discussion on the discourse analysis approach as well as useful case studies from a variety of contexts and geographies.’
– Maria Attard, University of Malta, Malta

‘At a time of climate crisis, rapidly increasing urban inequalities and profound technological change, transport and urban planning must change radically. This requires new approaches to understanding the meanings and power relations that are inscribed into, and generated by, transport systems and governance. Discourse Analysis in Transport and Urban Development demonstrates compellingly how different kinds of discourse analysis can help transport researchers, students and professionals make sense of the many and power-laden contestations over how transport systems can and should be changed and improved.’
– Tim Schwanen, University of Oxford, UK

‘This book successfully combines international case studies and voices from authors of multiple academic disciplines to challenge car-oriented transportation research and practice. It highlights how car-oriented terminology, language, and discourses shape transportation and sustainability outcomes. The book is an eye-opener for practitioners and academics in sustainable transport as they can begin to learn how to detect and start to disentangle from car-dominated discourses and language.’
– Ralph Buehler, Virginia Tech, US
Contributors include: Ruben Akse, Adri Albert de la Bruhèze, David Banister, Thérèse Bajada, Nacima Baron, M. Cristina Caimotto, Daniel Durrant, Linnea Eriksson, Hana Brůhová Foltýnová, Leandro da Silva Corrêa, Karst Geurs, Andrew R. Goetz, Christine Hannigan, Robin Hickman, Elias Isaksson, Karolina Isaksson, Radomíra Jordová, Miloš N. Mladenović, Janne Olin, Anthony Perl, Kristýna Rybová, James Udagawa, Giacomo Vecia, Eliška Vejchodská, Jacob Witzell
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