Global Women Leaders

Breaking Boundaries

New Horizons in Leadership Studies series

Regina Wentzel Wolfe, Professor, Catholic Theological Union and Patricia H. Werhane, Professor Emerita, DePaul University and University of Virginia, US

Global Women Leaders showcases narratives of women in business, nonprofit organizations and the public sector who have achieved leadership positions despite cultural obstacles and gender bias. Featuring leaders from India, Japan, Jordan and the United Kingdom, the book examines how these women have overcome challenges and served as role models in their professions.

‘Global Women Leaders transports the reader into the fascinating lives of trailblazers in four very different countries. All were change-makers in their professions, and all of them confronted the challenges women everywhere will recognize as their own. How they succeeded, despite roadblocks, is both inspiring and instructive. Each gives us sound advice on a range of familiar hurdles from those associated with work and family to lack of confidence and sexism. If you want to know how to achieve authentic leadership, this is the book for you.’
– Melanne Verveer, Georgetown University, US

‘These in-depth context-sensitive case studies put to the test the claim that women lead differently than men. The authors’ approach to gender differences is refreshingly nuanced. Their focus on women leaders from countries often overlooked in leadership studies – Jordan, India and Japan – is especially welcome.’
– Daryl Koehn, DePaul University, US

‘The inspiring and illuminating profiles included in this text adeptly demonstrate why we still need to focus on gender differences while we are striving toward equality. Wolfe and Werhane do not simply tell us but also show us the exceptional and diverse experiences and achievements of these leaders. Through their stories, we see women who have broken boundaries and we learn that, in doing so, they did not simply cross into a male environment, but instead have created new definitions for what it means to be a leader as we create a more equitable and just world.’
– Laura Hartman, Boston University, US

‘Never more so than today the very idea of leadership is under siege. Leaders and their institutions are at once interrogated, scrutinized and despised, yet heroized, glorified and exalted. What do we want from our leaders in a chaotic, complex and connected world? Whilst there can be no simple answer, one accord is a desire for something different. We want different types of leadership for different problems, different from the past in order to create a different future. We want women leaders from all places and all walks of life. Bravo to Wolfe and Werhane for this important book that introduces us to a range of women, their leadership stories and leadership styles, and to ideas about leading differently in order to make a difference in the world.’
– Michelle Greenwood, Monash University, Australia

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