Advanced Introduction to Space Law

Elgar Advanced Introductions series

Frans G. von der Dunk, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law and Administration, Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland and Professor of Space Law, University of Nebraska College of Law, Lincoln, US

Frans von der Dunk, a leading authority on space law, presents a nuanced introduction to the topic, explaining the legal rules, rights and obligations applicable to activities in outer space and activities that precede operations in space. He analyzes the interaction of these elements as well as how international organizations relate to the core tenets of space legislation.

‘In the best tradition of Manfred Lachs, Frans Von der Dunk’s most recent book provides a new, refreshing and well structured overview of the most important aspects and characteristics of space law and the many contingent legal regimes that accompany its operations. It offers a useful and insightful guide into some of its current developments under the progressive events that continue to shape and adapt it to new circumstances. It sheds new light on the nature and impact of the rules created to govern the “fourth realm” of human activity.’
– Peter Jankowitsch, International Academy of Astronautics

‘How does public international law interact with UN space treaties? How do these interplay with multilateral and bilateral agreements dealing with specific activities in space? What is the position of the regime of the International Telecommunication Union in this conglomerate of legal rules? How does national space law implement provisions of international space law? Based on the idea of several conceptual rings, this book systematises different regimes applicable to space activities, explains their hierarchy and defines their position in the complex legal setup.’
– Mahulena Hofmann, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

‘A new book by Professor Frans von der Dunk, one of the most learned space lawyers, is always an important event in the field. In his Advanced Introduction to Space Law he presents an excellent view of the current status and evolution of space law, avoiding the opposing poles of trying to maintain every rule of the present legal framework on the one hand and discarding every rule that seems to be no longer relevant to new activities on the other. His presentation is well organised into seven chapters which enable the reader to have a clear view of every aspect of the law applicable to activities in outer space.’
– Armel Kerrest, European Centre for Space Law, France

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2020 160 pp Hardback 978 1 78990 185 6 £85.00 £76.50 $120.00 $108.00

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