Elgar Encyclopedia of Ecological Economics


Elgar Encyclopedia of Ecological Economics

9781802200409 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Emilio Padilla Rosa, Professor, Department of Applied Economics, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Jesús Ramos-Martín, Professor Serra Húnter, Department of Economics and Economic History, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 040 9 Extent: 558 pp
With diverse contributions from over 100 authors around the globe, this comprehensive Encyclopedia summarises the developments of ecological economics from the fundamental contributions to the more recent methodological debates in the field. It provides an expansive list of topics including sustainable development, the limits to growth, agroecology, implications of thermodynamic laws for economics, integrated ecologic-economic modelling, valuation of natural resources and services, and renewable and non-renewable resources management.

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With diverse contributions from over 100 authors around the globe, this comprehensive Encyclopedia summarises the developments of ecological economics from the fundamental contributions to the more recent methodological debates in the field.

This Encyclopedia further reflects the relevant state of research including past and present major debates about particular concepts, theories, actors and issues at hand. It provides an expansive list of topics including sustainable development, the limits to growth, agroecology, implications of thermodynamic laws for economics, integrated ecologic-economic modelling, valuation of natural resources and services, and renewable and non-renewable resources management. With a strong normative focus, entries include theoretical, methodological, and empirical contributions, as the field orientates its efforts to improve environmental policy and governance to enhance wellbeing, environmental quality, and social justice.

This unique reference will be a key tool to students, scholars, policy makers and anyone else seeking to understand the link between economic systems and the environment from the perspective of ecological economics, business management, environmental and urban studies.

Key Features:

• Entries include selected references for further study
• Entries by both leading scholars and up-and-coming voices
• Addresses the links between the ecological crisis and economic activity
• Over 90 entries with accessible explanations of key concepts and methods
• Multi-disciplinary approach across the fields of economics, ecology, sociology, geography, and also political science and history.
Critical Acclaim
‘Economics for the twenty-first century? This is what this book is all about. It will become the definitive international reference. Top scholars in the field provide thoughtful summaries of key concepts in ecological economics. By doing this, they offer insights and tools on how to reconcile human development with planetary boundaries, arguably the most important challenge of our time.’
– Federico Demaria, University of Barcelona, Spain

‘This amazing volume reflects that ecological economics has become a mature transdisciplinary field, with consolidated concepts, methods and analytical frameworks. The Editors have done an impressive job in mobilizing contributors to offer stepping stones to those interested in learning how to reconcile our economy with a living planet.’
– Roldan Muradian, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Brazil
Contributors: Jonathan Aldred, Brigitte Baptiste, Andrea Baranzini, Francesc Baró, Stefan Baumgärtner, Sam Bliss, James K. Boyce, Mark T. Brown, Guiomar Calvo, Óscar Carpintero, Esteve Corbera, Bryan Steven Cortés-Lumbi, Robert Costanza, Herman Daly, Corinna Dengler, Monica Di Fiore, Stefan Drews, Paul Ekins, Karl-Heinz Erb, Jon D. Erickson, Fander Falconí, Kai Fang, Kuishuang Feng, Miguel Fernández-Maldonado, Jaume Freire, Doris Fuchs, Silvio Funtowicz, Amelia Fuselier, Eduardo García-Frapolli, Mario Giampietro, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Manuel González de Molina, Clemens M. Grünbühel, Miquel A. Gual, Adrien Guisan, Helmut Haberl, Charles A.S. Hall, Jonathan M. Harris, Richard B. Howarth, Klaus Hubacek, Santiago Izquierdo-Tort, William K. Jaeger, Giorgos Kallis, Jasper Kenter, Christian Kerschner, Nicolas Kosoy, Fridolin Krausmann, Éloi Laurent, Philip Lawn, Samuele Lo Piano, Pedro L. Lomas, Gabriel A. Lozada, Tommaso Luzzati, Cristina Madrid-López, Joan Martínez Alier, Verónica Martínez Sánchez, Kozo Torasan Mayumi, Rigo E.M. Melgar, Giuseppe Munda, José Manuel Naredo, Jaime Nieto, Richard B. Norgaard, Jouni Paavola, Emilio Padilla Rosa, Mario Pérez-Rincón, Cédric Philibert, Ignasi Puig, Arnald Puy, Jesús Ramos-Martín, Jerome R. Ravetz, William E. Rees, Maddalena Ripa, Jordi Roca, Beatriz Rodríguez Labajos, Inge Røpke, Mar Rubio-Varas, Andrea Saltelli, María Eugenia Santori-Aymat, Ivan Savin, Anke Schaffartzik, Arnim Scheidel, Johannes Schiller, Mònica Serrano, Peter Söderbaum, Clive L. Spash, David I. Stern, Andy Stirling, Óscar Tomaiconza, Sergio Ulgiati, Joaquín Valdivielso, Antonio Valero, Jeroen van den Bergh, Arild Vatn, Carlotta Verita, Peter A. Victor, Silvio Viglia, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Hernán G. Villarraga, Joseph Henry Vogel, Sylvain Weber, Jennifer Welchman, Christos Zografos

Preface xvii
1 Agent-based modelling 1
Ivan Savin
2 Agroecology 8
Manuel González de Molina
3 Agrowth 14
Jeroen van den Bergh
4 Anthropocene 21
Jon D. Erickson
5 Biodiversity conservation 25
Eduardo García-Frapolli
6 Bounded openness over
natural information 32
Joseph Henry Vogel, María
Eugenia Santori-Aymat, Óscar
Tomaiconza, Bryan Steven
Cortés-Lumbi, and Miguel
7 Bounded rationality 40
Stefan Drews
8 Carbon taxes 43
Andrea Baranzini and
Sylvain Weber
9 Circular economy 49
Ignasi Puig Ventosa and
Verónica Martínez Sánchez
10 Climate change and social justice 57
Éloi Laurent
11 Coevolution
(socio-biophysical coevolution) 65
Miquel A. Gual and Richard B.
12 Common property and
environmental governance 70
Sergio Villamayor-Tomás
13 Complex social-ecological
systems 75
Pedro L. Lomas
14 Consumption 81
Doris Fuchs and Inge Røpke
15 Cost shifting, competition
and economic structure 87
Clive L. Spash and Amelia Fuselier
16 Critical materials 94
Alicia Valero, Guiomar Calvo,
and Antonio Valero
17 Degrowth 97
Sam Bliss and Giorgos Kallis
18 Deliberative ecological economics 102
Jasper Kenter
19 Discounting and climate change 111
Cédric Philibert
20 Ecofeminisms 117
Corinna Dengler
21 Ecological distribution conflicts 123
Joan Martínez-Alier
22 Ecological macroeconomics 125
Peter A. Victor
23 Ecological unequal exchange 132
Mario Pérez-Rincón
24 Economic anthropology 138
Clemens M. Grünbühel
25 Economic system 145
José Manuel Naredo
26 Economy as an open system 151
Óscar Carpintero and Jaime Nieto
27 Ecosystem services 157
Brigitte L.G. Baptiste
28 Emergy accounting 161
Silvio Viglia and Sergio Ulgiati
29 Energy return
on investment:
a unifying principle for
socio-ecological sustainability 168
Rigo E.M. Melgar and Charles
A.S. Hall
30 Energy transition(s) 179
Mar Rubio-Varas
31 Entropy 186
Alicia Valero, Antonio Valero,
and Guiomar Calvo
32 Environmental accounting 189
Maddalena Ripa and Sergio Ulgiati
33 The environmental
consequences of inequality 198
James K. Boyce
34 Environmental ethics 202
Joaquín Valdivielso
35 Environmental footprints 208
Kai Fang
36 Environmental governance 214
Jouni Paavola
37 Environmental input–
output analysis 220
Mònica Serrano
38 Environmental justice 228
Beatriz Rodríguez-Labajos
39 The environmental Kuznets curve 234
David I. Stern
40 Environmental limits 238
Erik Gómez-Baggethun
41 Environmental stewardship 243
Jennifer Welchman
42 Environmental tax reform 245
Paul Ekins
43 Environmental taxation and
the double dividend 249
William K. Jaeger
44 Environmentally extended
multi-region input–output
analysis 255
Klaus Hubacek and
Kuishuang Feng
45 Ethics of quantification 261
Andrea Saltelli and Monica
Di Fiore
46 Fetish, commodity
fetishism and ecosystem services 266
Nicolas Kosoy
47 Future generations 269
Richard B. Howarth
48 Georgescu-Roegen’s
bioeconomics 273
Kozo Torasan Mayumi
49 Green economy 280
Jonathan M. Harris
50 Human appropriation of net
primary production (HANPP) 285
Helmut Haberl, Karl-Heinz Erb,
and Fridolin Krausmann
51 The human ecological footprint 294
William E. Rees
52 Incommensurable values 301
Jonathan Aldred
53 Industrial ecology 305
Anke Schaffartzik
54 Institutions 309
Arild Vatn
55 Joint production 315
Johannes Schiller and Stefan
56 Kapp, Karl William 322
Tommaso Luzzati
57 Land grabbing 326
Arnim Scheidel
58 Land-time budget analysis 332
Clemens M. Grünbühel
59 Languages of valuation 338
Christos Zografos
60 The laws of thermodynamics 345
Gabriel A. Lozada
61 Material flow accounting 353
Fridolin Krausmann
62 The maximum power principle 359
Mark T. Brown
63 Metabolic flow 364
Mario Giampietro
64 Methodological pluralism 372
Richard B. Norgaard
65 Multi-criteria evaluation 375
Giuseppe Munda
66 Multi-Scale Integrated
Analysis of Societal and
Ecosystem Metabolism
(MuSIASEM) 381
Mario Giampietro
67 National accounts and
macroeconomic indicators 386
Jordi Roca Jusmet
68 Natural capital 390
Robert Costanza
69 Nature-based solutions 393
Francesc Baró and Erik
70 Nexus approaches in
socio-metabolic research 399
Helmut Haberl
71 Payments for ecosystem services 406
Esteve Corbera and Santiago
72 Peak oil 412
Christian Kerschner
73 Political and institutional
ecological economics 421
Peter Söderbaum
74 Population and environment 427
Hernán G. Villarraga
75 Post-normal science 433
Silvio Funtowicz and Jerome R.
76 The precautionary principle 436
Andy Stirling
77 Production and economic
development 443
José Manuel Naredo
78 Rebound effect and the
Jevons paradox 449
Jaume Freire-González
79 Sensitivity analysis 456
Andrea Saltelli, Arnald Puy,
and Samuele Lo Piano
80 Sensitivity auditing 463
Andrea Saltelli, Samuele Lo
Piano, and Arnald Puy
81 Social ecological economics 468
Clive L. Spash, Adrien Guisan,
and Carlotta Verita
82 Social metabolism 475
Manuel González de Molina
83 Spaceship Earth 482
Óscar Carpintero and Jaime Nieto
84 Steady-state economics 487
Herman Daly
85 Sustainability versus
monetary reductionism 492
Peter Söderbaum
86 Sustainable development
indicators 495
Philip Lawn
87 Uncertainty, risk and ignorance 503
Andrea Saltelli and
Jerome R. Ravetz
88 Uncomfortable knowledge 505
Mario Giampietro
89 Unequal caloric exchange 510
Fander Falconí
90 Water footprint 513
Cristina Madrid-López
Index 518
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