Emerging Markets and the Future of the BRIC Nations


Emerging Markets and the Future of the BRIC Nations

9781783479757 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ben L. Kedia, University of Memphis and Kelly Aceto, Illinois Invents, US
Publication Date: November 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78347 975 7 Extent: 208 pp
After a decade of unprecedented growth, the BRIC nations’ economies have unexpectedly slowed. In this innovative book, expert contributors diagnose and examine the factors that might be responsible for the economic regression in Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

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In 2008, it appeared that the BRIC nations’ economies would continue to provide growth opportunities for businesses of all kinds. After a decade of unprecedented growth, however, Brazil, Russia, India, and China have unexpectedly slowed. In this innovative book, expert contributors diagnose and examine the factors that might be responsible for the changing trends in the BRIC and other emerging market economies and that may determine the future course of these economies and their prospects for sustained growth.

This volume offers valuable insights into a wide range of issues pertaining to emerging economies that demand the attention of researchers and practitioners. In particular, contributors explore topics such as the importance of innovation, internationalization trends of emerging market firms, sustainability and social issues, market liberalization and entrepreneurship, consumer behavior and customer relations.

Rigorous scholarly research, including empirical work, and
perspectives from emerging markets make this an essential resource
for doctoral students, business academics and executives, and
politicians and policy makers involved in developing nations and their

Critical Acclaim
‘The role of BRIC countries in the world''s economy will continue to grow despite temporary setbacks. Kedia and Aceto''s edited collection of chapters sheds important light on marketing in these countries, the rise of emerging market multinationals, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. Useful reading for all who seek to better understand these countries.’
– Rosalie L. Tung, Simon Fraser University, Canada, President of the Academy of Management and 2015–2016 President of the Academy of International Business

‘This collection of articles on diverse subjects relating to the four BRICs and to emerging markets offers an interesting panorama of content, from exploring the competitive strengths of BRIC companies in international competition to looking at sustainability, and from marketing issues in these countries to entrepreneurship in liberalized institutional contexts. Almost any analyst of emerging markets can find in this smorgasbord one or more chapters that will provide thoughtful, new discussion of important issues in these countries, which themselves will be the engines of economic growth for the rest of this century.’
– Robert Grosse, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

‘Barring an unforeseen global disaster it is commonly accepted that BRIC countries will continue to exhibit far higher growth rates than advanced nations. What this useful volume focuses our attention on are the still-remaining obstacles to further and faster development, namely institutional maturity, continued regulatory liberalization, environmental sustainability and the need to bring more women into the organized workforces in BRIC nations. With contributions by noted scholars, this volume extends the frontier of knowledge on emerging country development and should also be useful to policy makers.’
– Farok J. Contractor, Rutgers University, US

‘In this timely volume, Kedia and Aceto have assembled a rich collection of chapters that explore the social, economic, environmental, and business implications of the slowing growth in the BRIC countries and the rise of a new crop of dynamic emerging economies. This book is essential reading for doctoral students, professors, and managers working or operating in emerging economies.’
– Ravi Ramamurti, Northeastern University, US
Contributors: P.C. Bhattacharya, T.V. Bilgili, M. Bishop, S.S. Graça, B.L Kedia, A.H. Kirca, C. Li, R. MitraI, I. Naoumova, J. Pancras, M. Peterson, V.A. Rebiazina, R.K. Reddy, A.G. Rozhkov, M.M. Smirnova, Y. Song, M. Zobnina



1. Forging Ahead with Innovation: The Importance of Institutions and Factor Markets to the Continued Development of the BRICS
Ben L. Kedia, Rama Krishna Reddy, and Tsvetomira V. Bilgili

2. Internationalization of Firms from Emerging Markets: Summary of Findings Based on Three Meta-Analyses
Ahmet H. Kirca

3. Sustainability in the BRICS and Beyond: An Examination of the Sustainability Society Index
Mark Peterson and Melissa Bishop

4. Environmental Sustainability as Competitive Driver in Emerging Markets
Rahul Mitra

5. Gender Balance and Economic Outcomes in Russia, India and China
Prabir C. Bhattacharya

6. Liberalization of the Electricity Market in Russia – the Tool of the Growing Democracy or Dictatorship?
Irina Naoumova

7. Startup Development, Investments, and Growth Barriers
Margarita Zobnina

8. Forging Global B2B Relationships through Effective Communication
Sandra S. Graça

9. The Demonstration Effect of Consumption across Cities in China: Evidence from the Automobile Market
Yiping Song, Chenxi Li, and Joseph Pancras

10. Customer Orientation in Emerging Markets: Concepts and Empirical Tests
Alexander G. Rozhkov, Maria M. Smirnova, and Vera A. Rebiazina

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