Entrepreneurial Marketing


Entrepreneurial Marketing

The Growth of Small Firms in the New Economic Era

9781840649123 Edward Elgar Publishing
The late Björn Bjerke, formerly Linnaeus University and Claes M. Hultman, Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Business, Örebro University, Sweden
Publication Date: 2002 ISBN: 978 1 84064 912 3 Extent: 288 pp
This book will be of immense worth to students, scholars and practitioners of marketing and entrepreneurship, and will contribute to a new dialogue between the two disciplines.

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Just as society has realised the value of entrepreneurs, so entrepreneurs are gradually realising the value of strategic marketing. In this book, the authors explain the substantial role of marketing in the success of small firms which have emerged in the new business environment of the past 10 to 15 years.

Entrepreneurial marketing is especially important for small, developing firms which have to consider emerging business and market trends, and so a model is presented specifically tailored to the needs of expanding entrepreneurial ventures. The authors also critically analyse the extent to which mainstream marketing and entrepreneurship theory are useful in entrepreneurial marketing. They argue that to be fully effective, marketing must be viewed from a broad perspective and as a value-creating process.

In order to understand the dynamic pattern of growth of small entrepreneurial ventures, they emphasise the importance of making a clear distinction between:

• managerial growth and entrepreneurial growth
• entrepreneurship, management and leadership
• transactional marketing, relationship marketing and complex combinations
• focal organisations and virtual organisations
• explorative learning and exploitative learning
• value configurations and value chains.

This book will be of immense worth to students, scholars and practitioners of marketing and entrepreneurship, and will contribute to a new dialogue between the two disciplines. It will also be of considerable value to the wider business and management community learning to operate and succeed in the new economic era.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . this book addresses a relevant and growing body of interface research. Bjerke and Hultman are to be congratulated for the development of arguments that are presented in detail. . .’
– Eleanor Shaw, International Small Business Journal

‘The cornerstones of the book’s thesis are core aspects of knowledge, change, understanding, marketing behaviour and entrepreneurship, in the context of small firms. The focal aspect of the book is marketing of small firms which are growing through entrepreneurship, in essence entrepreneurial marketing. This is a scholarly text which presents complex perspectives in a thoughtful, well founded and researched format. It reviews the core concepts studiously and produces a conceptual framework of insight and vision. As someone who has worked in this field for most of my academic life, I was pleased to be enlightened by the carefully integrated constructs of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this volume. It is a must read for serious scholars of entrepreneurial marketing.’
– David J. Carson, University of Ulster, UK

‘This is a "must read" book for all those involved in academic marketing and management practice. In my view, Professors Bjerke and Hultman have made a critical contribution to marketing, entrepreneurship and economic literature with this book. They present a new and compelling vision of our contemporary market environment and challenge us to think in new ways. A unique feature of the book is that it is based on extensive and well grounded data from Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific Region.’
– Gus Geursen, Monash University, Australia
Contents: Foreword by Gerald E. Hills 1. Small is Beautiful? 2. Marketing in the Old Economic Era 3. Entrepreneurship: Creating New Business Ventures 4. Marketing of Big Firms and Small Firms 5. Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Culture 6. Growth, Learning and Co-Creation 7. Marketing as Co-Creation of Customer Value 8. A Conceptual Framework for Entrepreneurial Marketing 9. Some Areas of Importance for Excellent Entrepreneurial Marketing 10. Entrepreneurial Marketing: Leading and Managing in the New Economic Era Index
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