Entrepreneurship Education


Entrepreneurship Education

9781845424220 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Patricia G. Greene, Professor Emeritus, Babson College and Mark P. Rice, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
Publication Date: 2007 ISBN: 978 1 84542 422 0 Extent: 576 pp
Entrepreneurship education is expanding rapidly around the world with growth evident in terms of the number of courses, endowed chairs, and programs. Business schools have approached their participation in

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Entrepreneurship education is expanding rapidly around the world with growth evident in terms of the number of courses, endowed chairs, and programs. Business schools have approached their participation in entrepreneurship education with a variety of pace, practice and policy.

This authoritative collection is targeted towards business educators, educators interested in entrepreneurial approaches, and educational administrators. The volume’s main aims are to provide the groundwork for any organized discussion of entrepreneurship education; and to take stock of where we are in the educational field as a means of identifying the big questions, issues, and trends that will direct the future of the discipline.

The book is organized around content and pedagogy and includes chapters from leading experts. Emerging themes include the underlying assumptions built into the field, the importance of the interdisciplinary approach, concern with who is teaching entrepreneurship, and a call to make the approach more global.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book provides an excellent history of the field of entrepreneurship and a thought-provoking analysis of its future directions. Entrepreneurship Education is a useful tool for academics who are creating, refreshing, or reviewing their entrepreneurship curriculum.’
– Myra M. Hart, Harvard Business School, US

‘This is a great collection of articles on entrepreneurial education, a timely and challenging topic. Assembled by two leading researchers and educators, the collection covers the most current thinking on this multi-faceted issue. Our understanding of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has changed and, as this outstanding collection would suggest, we need to explore and apply innovative techniques and methods in preparting tomorrow''s entrepreneurs. Rich in insight and broad in its scope, this collection of articles is a must read. I compliment Greene and Rice on a job well done.’
– Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, US
29 articles, dating from 1992 to 2006
Contributors include: B.J. Bird, C.G. Brush, D.R. DeTienne, J.O. Fiet, R.T. Harrison, K. Hindle, B. Honig, B. Johannisson, J.A. Katz, D.A. Shepherd


Introduction Entrepreneurship Education: Moving from “Whether” to “What”, “How” and “Why” Patricia G. Greene and Mark P. Rice

1. Jerome A. Katz (2003), ‘The Chronology and Intellectual Trajectory of American Entrepreneurship Education 1876–1999’
2. Gary Gorman, Dennis Hanlon and Wayne King (1997), ‘Some Research Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education, Enterprise Education and Education for Small Business Management: A Ten-year Literature Review’
3. Candida G. Brush, Irene M. Duhaime, William B. Gartner, Alex Stewart, Jerome A. Katz, Michael A. Hitt, Sharon A. Alvarez, G. Dale Meyer and S. Venkataraman (2003), ‘Doctoral Education in the Field of Entrepreneurship’
4. Jean-Pierre Béchard and Denis Grégoire (2005), ‘Entrepreneurship Education Research Revisited: The Case of Higher Education’
5. George Gendron and Patricia Greene (2004), ‘Practitioners’ Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education: An Interview With Steve Case, Matt Goldman, Tom Golisano, Geraldine Laybourne, Jeff Taylor, and Alan Webber’
6. Terri Standish-Kuon and Mark P. Rice (2002), ‘Introducing Engineering and Science Students to Entrepreneurship: Models and Influential Factors at Six American Universities’
7. Fred O. Ede, Bhagaban Panigrahi and Stephen E. Calcich (1998), ‘African American Students’ Attitudes Toward Entrepreneurship Education’
8. Donald F. Kuratko (2005), ‘The Emergence of Entrepreneurship Education: Development, Trends, and Challenges’
9. Kevin Hindle (2006), ‘Teaching Entrepreneurship at University: From the Wrong Building to the Right Philosophy’

10. James O. Fiet (2001), ‘The Theoretical Side of Teaching Entrepreneurship’
11. Sarah L. Jack and Alistair R. Anderson (1999), ‘Entrepreneurship Education Within the Enterprise Culture: Producing Reflective Practitioners’
12. Calvin Kent and Lorraine P. Anderson (2003/2004), ‘Social Capital, Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Education’
13. B.J. Bird (2003/2004), ‘Learning Entrepreneurship Competencies: The Self-directed Learning Approach’
14. Richard T. Harrison and Claire M. Leitch (1994), ‘Entrepreneurship and Leadership: The Implications for Education and Development’
15. Dean A. Shepherd (2004), ‘Educating Entrepreneurship Students About Emotion and Learning From Failure’

16. George T. Solomon, K. Mark Weaver and Lloyd W. Fernald, Jr (1994), ‘A Historical Examination of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Pedagogy’
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21. Ronald K. Mitchell and Susan A. Chesteen (1995), ‘Enhancing Entrepreneurial Expertise: Experiential Pedagogy and the New Venture Expert Script’
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29. Karl H. Vesper and William B. Gartner (1997), ‘Measuring Progress in Entrepreneurship Education’

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