European Energy Policy


European Energy Policy

An Environmental Approach

9780857939203 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Francesc Morata, formerly Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain and Israel Solorio Sandoval, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Publication Date: July 2012 ISBN: 978 0 85793 920 3 Extent: 256 pp
This path-breaking book explores the new European energy policy, highlighting the significance of environmental policy concerns, instruments, and objectives vis-à-vis competing security and market dimensions in order to achieve an all-embracing EU energy policy perspective for the future.

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This path-breaking book explores the new European energy policy, highlighting the significance of environmental policy concerns, instruments, and objectives vis-à-vis competing security and market dimensions in order to achieve an all-embracing EU energy policy perspective for the future.

While the past years have witnessed unprecedented development of EU energy policy, the understanding of this process has lagged behind. Alongside the scarce literature on this emergent policy, there is also a gap regarding the attention paid to its different components. The study stems from the perception of a mismatch between the valuable debate that certain dimensions of energy policy – namely, energy security and the market and competition framework – have triggered and the neglect of its environmental and climate change dimensions.

European Energy Policy will prove to be insightful for academics and postgraduate students interested in European integration, political science, international relations, public policy and environmental science. Energy stakeholders and governmental policymakers will also find plenty of invaluable information in this enriching resource.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book provides an accessible introduction for any scholar looking to learn more about how Europe is facing up to the challenges of the future.’
– Peter Kirby-Harris, Political Studies

‘The book is well suited for those within the energy industry who have little knowledge of EU environmental issues and which to learn how these affect EU energy policies. While this is not an introductory book, it is also suitable for students learning about energy or environmental issues in Europe.’
– K. Talus, Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence

‘This book analyses a highly important topic. It is based on a comprehensive and empirically rich assessment of European energy policy, including both internal and external determinants. Its encompassing approach and the thoughtful combination of different analytical perspectives makes the book an important and fresh contribution to the field.’
– Christoph Knill, University of Konstanz, Germany

‘Energy was one of the founding pillars of European integration, while environmental concerns have become an identity sign of today’s European Union energy policy. However, notwithstanding the obvious links between both issues, little attention has been devoted to the complex relationship between the EU’s environmental performance and the Europeanization of its energy policy. This book, carefully edited by Morata and Solorio, has come to fill this gap becoming a “must” to understand the interactions between these two fundamental drivers of EU policies.’
– José María Marín-Quemada, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, and Member of the Governing Council of the Spanish Central Bank, Spain

‘This book presents an in-depth analysis of the ‘emergent’ European energy policy. . . the book fills a significant gap in the literature on European studies as well as energy and environmental studies.’
– Serhan Unal, Journal of Contemporary European Studies
Contributors: C. Adelle, M. Bechberger, P.-O. Busch, L. Carafa, A. Ciambra, M. Dobbins, G. Escribano-Francés, S. Fischer, A. Herranz-Surrallés, H. Jörgens, J.K. Knudsen, F. Morata, M. Natorski, M. Pallemaerts, D. Russel, E. San Martín González, I. Solorio Sandoval, J. Tosun, E. Zapater

Mischa Bechberger


1. Introduction: The Re-evolution of Energy Policy in Europe
Israel Solorio Sandoval and Francesc Morata

2. A ‘Coordinated’ European Energy Policy? The Integration of EU Energy and Climate Change Policies
Camilla Adelle, Duncan Russel and Marc Pallemaerts

3. Renewable Energy and Environmental Policy Integration: Renewable Fuel for the European Energy Policy?
Jørgen K. Knudsen

4. Europeanization through Diffusion? Renewable Energy Policies and Alternative Sources for European Convergence
Per-Olof Busch and Helge Jörgens

5. Carbon Capture and Storage: The Europeanization of a Technology in Europe’s Energy Policy?
Severin Fischer

6. Redrawing the ‘Green Europeanization’ of Energy Policy
Israel Solorio Sandoval and Esther Zapater

7. A Differential Approach to Energy Policy? Explaining the Prevalence of Market-based Energy Policy Instruments in Central and Eastern Europe
Michael Dobbins and Jale Tosun

8. The European Energy Policy Towards Eastern Neighbors: Rebalancing Priorities or Changing Paradigms?
Anna Herranz-Surrallés and Michal Natorski

9. Exporting the Good Example? European Energy Policy and Socialization in South-East Europe
Andrea Ciambra

10. Domestically Driven, Differentiated EU Rule Adoption: The Case of Energy Sector Reform in Turkey
Luigi Carafa

11. Morocco, the European Energy Policy and the Mediterranean Solar Plan
Gonzalo Escribano-Francés and Enrique San Martín González

12. Conclusions: Bridging Over Environmental and Energy Policies
Francesc Morata and Israel Solorio Sandoval

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