European Universities in Transition


European Universities in Transition

Issues, Models and Cases

9781847207487 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Carmelo Mazza, University of Malta, Paolo Quattrone, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK and Angelo Riccaboni, Dean, Faculty of Economics Richard M. Goodwin and Professor of Management, Department of Business and Social Studies, University of Siena, Italy
Publication Date: June 2008 ISBN: 978 1 84720 748 7 Extent: 304 pp
This timely and important book provides a critical analysis of the changes and challenges that currently affect European universities. Using both theoretical contributions and applied case studies, leading experts argue that universities as institutions are in need of change – although the routes that the process may take are heterogeneous.

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This timely and important book provides a critical analysis of the changes and challenges that currently affect European universities. Using both theoretical contributions and applied case studies, leading experts argue that universities as institutions are in need of change – although the routes that the process may take are heterogeneous.

The authors debate whether the reform of universities suffers from the undue influence of generalisations that do not stand up to scrutiny. It is simply too narrow to focus on strategies such as imitating a ‘university model’, hoping that best practices will solve the inefficiencies of the organisation as a whole, or relying on the presence of few external individuals on the universities’ board to save the difficult relationships between the university and the surrounding economy and society. These ideas ignore the diversity of universities geographically and historically. Above all, they underestimate the power that such diversity holds in making universities survive across centuries.

Researchers with an interest in university reform will appreciate this important contribution to the debate, whilst policymakers and university administrators will find this book invaluable in understanding the changes and problems facing European universities and gaining insights on possible solutions.
Critical Acclaim
‘This attractively presented edited collection is a welcome analysis of issues facing universities. It consists of 14 chapters by experts who work in university management and economics’ departments. . . this is an excellent collection. Its value stems from the fact that it enables comparisons to be made and to see that globally the traditional university system is being seriously challenged. The authors in this collection provide a range of perspectives on how the universities in their various locations can begin to respond to these challenges.’
– Anthony Potts, Journal of Educational Administration and History

‘The future of the university, this old European institution, is of utmost interest not only to university students and teachers, but to whole societies; not only in Europe, but in the whole world, as the institution has become global. Nobody can predict it, but the editors of this volume were able to ask incisive questions and collected thoughtful and provocative answers, which can contribute to the debate on the fate of universities in a significant way.’
– Barbara Czarniawska, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

‘While acknowledging the value of better university management, this book resists the idea that an externally imposed standardization and a more homogenous European system of higher education adds up to a desiderata. On the contrary the book editors argue that the persistence of the university and its survival in the future is aided by differences between universities. European Universities in Transition is must reading for students of higher education reform.’
– Francisco O. Ramirez, Stanford University, US
Contributors: P. Anderson, D. Assimakopoulos, J. Callaert, I. Creagh, K. Debackere, M.-L. Djelic, L. Engwall, D. Foray, P. Gagliardi, J. Guthrie, T. Hedmo, A.G. Hopwood, T. Keenoy, S. Macdonald, C. Mazza, E. Minelli, N. Mottis, R. Neumann, P. Quattrone, K. Raivio, G. Rebora, M.I. Reed, A. Riccaboni, S. Ryan, P.E. Signorini, N. Thrift, M. Turri, B. Van Looy, G. Van Wijk, R. Verrall, L. Wedlin

Foreword: University Reform – A Prerequisite for Success of Knowledge-based Economy?
Kari Raivio

Introduction: Found In Translation? The Persistence of the University as Institution
Carmelo Mazza, Paolo Quattrone and Angelo Riccaboni

1. University Reforms: The Tension between Form and Substance
Nigel Thrift

2. Minerva and the Media: Universities Protecting and Promoting Themselves
Lars Engwall

3. PhD Education – Challenges and Opportunities of Europeanization
Marie-Laure Djelic

4. The Role of Business Schools in the Process of University Reform
Anthony G. Hopwood

5. Bologna and Business Education: Far from a Model, Just a Process for a While…
Nicolas Mottis

6. New Modes of Governance: The Re-Regulation of European Higher Education and Research
Tina Hedmo, Linda Wedlin

7. Combining the Production and the Valorization of Academic Research: A Qualitative Investigation of Enacted Mechanisms
Julie Callaert, Bart Van Looy, Dominique Foray and Koenraad Debackere

8. The University is not an Institute of Technology
Gilles Van Wijk

i) Governance and Performance Measurement

9. Australian Higher Education Transformed: From Central Coordination to Control
Suzanne Ryan, James Guthrie and Ruth Neumann

10. Managing Modernization: Introducing Performance Management in British Universities
Tom Keenoy and Michael I. Reed

11. Higher Education Governance, Leadership and Management Reform: Systemic Corporate Governance Reform at City University, London
Ian Creagh and Richard Verrall

12. The Structure and Significance of the Italian Research Assessment Exercise (VTR)
Eliana Minelli, Gianfranco Rebora and Matteo Turri

ii) Innovation and Regional Economies
13. Education and Training for Innovation in SMEs: A Tale of Exploitation
Stuart Macdonald, Pat Anderson and Dimitris Assimakopoulos

14. European and Regional Disparities in Human Capital: The Case of Italy
Paolo Emilio Signorini

Pasquale Gagliardi

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