Geographies of Maritime Transport


Geographies of Maritime Transport

9781788976633 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Gordon Wilmsmeier, Kühne Professorial Chair in Logistics, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia and Jason Monios, Associate Professor in Maritime Logistics, Kedge Business School, France
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78897 663 3 Extent: 400 pp
This multidisciplinary book delivers a unique collection of well-considered, empirically rich and critical contributions on maritime transport geographies. It covers a wide range of markets and territories as well as institutional, environmental and future issues.

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Maritime transport is a constantly evolving critical transport mode, thoroughly explored in this timely book from a geographical perspective. Chapters cover maritime shipping markets, territories of maritime shipping, institutional dimensions, and environmental and future challenges.

With contributions from researchers in a range of disciplines, including geography, economics, law and spatial planning, as well as practitioners, the book emphasizes the wide-ranging interest in and impacts of maritime transport. Offering empirically rich studies of historical and contemporary geographies of maritime transport, this book also looks ahead to the importance of adaptation and of questioning the effects of the continued economization of maritime transport.

Geography, transport economics, logistics and management scholars will appreciate the thorough case studies and in-depth analyses of the topics offered in the book. It will also benefit industry and government representatives looking for a broader understanding of the recent evolution of maritime transport in a globalizing world.

Critical Acclaim
‘This prodigious work provides a comprehensive overview of issues in maritime transport from a uniquely geographical perspective. In so doing, it brings together an eclectic assortment of insightful, interesting and, sometimes controversial, contributions from some of the world’s leading maritime academics.''
– Kevin Cullinane, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

If you want an overview of maritime transport and its geographies, this is the book to read. It draws on the experience of a large number of authors to provide wide-ranging coverage of an extensive range of issues. Wilmsmeier and Monios have brought together a noteworthy collection in these pages.’
– Jon Shaw, University of Plymouth, UK

‘Wilmsmeier and Monios have assembled a comprehensive investigation by the world’s leading researchers into the many facets of maritime transport geographies. The 20 chapters provide excellent coverage of and insightful commentary on both traditional and emerging issues. This well-crafted book will be of interest to policy-makers, scholars and students.’
– Mary R. Brooks, Professor Emerita, Dalhousie University, Canada
Contributors: M. Acciaro, G. Aerts, M. Akhavan, C.G. Alvstam, J. Berli, M. Bunel, A. Christodoulou, P. de Langen, M. Dooms, C. Ducruet, H. Ghiara, E. Haezendonck, R. Horster, W. Jacobs, T. Koukaki, J.S.L. Lam, M. Langenus, K.X. Li, I. Mariotti, A. McKinnon, E. Musso, A.A. Pallis, F. Parola, R. Sabonge, R.J. Sánchez, G. Satta, C. Sillig, H. Sornn-Friese, S.P. Strandenes, A. Tei, H.A. Thanopoulou, C. Tournaye, G. Vaggelas, F. Vitellaro, J. Woxenius, W. Zhang

1 Geographies of maritime transport 1
Gordon Wilmsmeier and Jason Monios
2 The geography of maritime trade: globalisation and beyond 16
Gordon Wilmsmeier and Jason Monios
3 GDP and international seaborne trade: past trends, present
breaks and future directions 33
Siri Pettersen Strandenes and Helen A. Thanopoulou
4 Geography versus topology in the evolution of the global
container shipping network (1977–2016) 49
César Ducruet, Justin Berli and Mattia Bunel
5 The geography of commodity flows: the bulk sector 71
Theodora Koukaki and Alessio Tei
6 Commodity supply networks as complex adaptive systems: how
commodity and freight markets respond to a supply shock 87
Wouter Jacobs and Robert Horster
7 The Panama and Suez Canals: re-engineered to be competitive 100
Rodolfo Sabonge and Ricardo J. Sánchez
8 Belts and Roads: The geopolitics and transport geography of
the China–European seaborne trade 117
Claes G. Alvstam
9 Short-distance maritime geographies: short sea shipping,
RoRo, feeder and inter-island transport 134
Anastasia Christodoulou and Johan Woxenius
10 Transport on international rivers: a model of governance for
the commons? 149
Cécile Tournaye
11 The changing geography of cruise shipping 170
Athanasios A. Pallis and George Vaggelas
12 Container shipping: beyond the era of maturity? 192
Gordon Wilmsmeier and Jason Monios
13 Is there a case for state ownership in ports and shipping? 210
Peter de Langen and Henrik Sornn-Friese
14 Financial operators in port infrastructures: typologies,
objectives and global strategies 232
Giovanni Satta, Francesco Parola, Enrico Musso and
Francesco Vitellaro
15 Development models and policies for maritime clusters 258
Wei Zhang, Jasmine Siu Lee Lam and Kevin X. Li
16 Attractiveness of port-centric advanced logistics clusters 275
Mina Akhavan, Hilda Ghiara, Ilaria Mariotti, Enrico Musso
and Cécile Sillig
17 Assessing the strategic role of inland ports in urban freight
policy: an application to the port of Brussels 292
Geoffrey Aerts, Michaël Dooms, Elvira Haezendonck and
Mychal Langenus
18 International shipping and climate change: policy responses
and implications for the maritime industry 312
Michele Acciaro and Alan McKinnon
19 Shipping and the environment: how environmental challenges
impact on the shipping network 330
Theodora Koukaki and Alessio Tei
20 Arctic sea routes: a new geography for shipping 346
Gordon Wilmsmeier

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