Globalization and Labour Markets


Globalization and Labour Markets

9781840641325 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David Greenaway, Professor of Economics and Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Nottingham, UK and Douglas R. Nelson, Professor of Economics, Tulane University, US and Professorial Research Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK
Publication Date: 2001 ISBN: 978 1 84064 132 5 Extent: 1,136 pp
Globalization and Labour Markets is an authoritative two-volume collection which will prove an invaluable source of reference to students and scholars in the field of labour markets in the new global economy.

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Critical Acclaim
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Globalization and Labour Markets is an authoritative two-volume collection which will prove an invaluable source of reference to students and scholars in the field of labour markets in the new global economy.

Volume I features articles on the Stolper-Samuelson theorem and trade and wages whilst volume II focuses on labour market microstructure and adjustment, trade and employment, migration and labour market adjustment and foreign direct investment and labour markets.
Critical Acclaim
‘The authors have assembled a collection of the best articles on one of the most important current issues in international economics. Those who are tracking the debate on labour market adjustments in open economies will find these volumes invaluable.’
– Peter J. Lloyd, University of Melbourne, Australia
43 articles, dating from 1941 to 1999
Contributors include: G. Borjas, M. Corden, A. Deardorff, R. Jones, P. Krugman, P. Lloyd, R. Tyers
Volume I
Introduction: Globalization and Labour Markets: Literature Review and Synthesis David Greenaway and Douglas R. Nelson
1. Wolfgang F. Stolper and Paul A. Samuelson (1941), ‘Protection and Real Wages’
2. Ronald W. Jones (1965), ‘The Structure of Simple General Equilibrium Models’
3. Ronald W. Jones and José A. Scheinkman (1977), ‘The Relevance of the Two-Sector Production Model in Trade Theory’
4. P.J. Lloyd and A.G. Schweinberger (1997), ‘Conflict Generating Product Price Changes: The Imputed Output Approach’
5. Ronald W. Jones (1997), ‘Trade, Technology, and Income Distribution’
6. Stephen P. Magee (1980), ‘Three Simple Tests of the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem’
7. Robert Z. Lawrence and Matthew J. Slaughter (1993), ‘International Trade and American Wages in the 1980s: Giant Sucking Sound or Small Hiccup?’
8. Jagdish Bhagwati and Vivek H. Dehejia (1994), ‘Freer Trade and Wages of the Unskilled – Is Marx Striking Again?’
9. Alan V. Deardorff and Robert W. Staiger (1988), ‘An Interpretation of the Factor Content of Trade’
10. Adrian Wood (1995), ‘How Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers’
11. Jeffrey D. Sachs and Howard J. Shatz (1998), ‘International Trade and Wage Inequality in the United States: Some New Results’
12. Edward E. Leamer (1998), ‘In Search of Stolper-Samuelson Linkages between International Trade and Lower Wages’
13. Paul Krugman (1995), ‘Growing World Trade: Causes and Consequences’
14. Joseph F. Francois and Douglas Nelson (1998), ‘Trade, Technology, and Wages: General Equilibrium Mechanics’
15. Rod Tyers and Yongzheng Yang (1997), ‘Trade with Asia and Skill Upgrading: Effects on Labor Markets in the Older Industrial Countries’
16. Michael Mussa (1974), ‘Tariffs and the Distribution of Income: The Importance of Factor Specificity, Substitutability, and Intensity in the Short and Long Run’
17. Ronald W. Jones (1996), ‘International Trade, Real Wages, and Technical Progress: The Specific-Factors Model’
18. Donald R. Davis (1998), ‘Does European Unemployment Prop Up American Wages? National Labor Markets and Global Trade’
19. Carl Davidson, Lawrence Martin and Steven Matusz (1988), ‘The Structure of Simple General Equilibrium Models with Frictional Unemployment’
20. Steven J. Matusz (1994), ‘International Trade Policy in a Model of Unemployment and Wage Differentials’
21. Noel Gaston and Daniel Trefler (1995), ‘Union Wage Sensitivity to Trade and Protection: Theory and Evidence’
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Volume II
An introduction by the editors to both volumes appears in Volume I
1. Dieter Schumacher (1984), ‘North–South Trade and Shifts in Employment: A Comparative Analysis of Six European Community Countries’
2. Ana L. Revenga (1992), ‘Exporting Jobs? The Impact of Import Competition on Employment and Wages in U.S. Manufacturing’
3. Ciaran Driver, Andrew Kilpatrick and Barry Naisbitt (1985), ‘The Employment Effects of UK Manufacturing Trade Expansion with the EEC and the Newly Industrialising Countries’
4. David Greenaway, Robert C. Hine and Peter Wright (1999), ‘An Empirical Assessment of the Impact of Trade on Employment in the United Kingdom’
5. Thomas L. Hungerford (1995), ‘International Trade, Comparative Advantage and the Incidence of Layoff Employment Spells’
6. Lori G. Kletzer (1998), ‘International Trade and Job Displacement in U.S. Manufacturing, 1979–1991’
7. Patrick A. Messerlin (1995), ‘The Impact of Trade and Capital Movements on Labour: Evidence on the French Case’
8. Noel Gaston (1998), ‘The Impact of International Trade and Protection on Australian Manufacturing Employment’
9. Jean Baldwin Grossman (1984), ‘Illegal Immigrants and Domestic Employment’
10. George J. Borjas (1987), ‘Immigrants, Minorities, and Labor Market Competition’
11. David Card (1990), ‘The Impact of the Mariel Boatlift on the Miami Labor Market’
12. Joseph G. Altonji and David Card (1991), ‘The Effects of Immigration on the Labor Market Outcomes of Less-skilled Natives’
13. Kristin F. Butcher and David Card (1991), ‘Immigration and Wages: Evidence from the 1980’s’
14. Robert J. LaLonde and Robert H. Topel (1991), ‘Immigrants in the American Labor Market: Quality, Assimilation, and Distributional Effects’
15. George J. Borjas, Richard B. Freeman and Lawrence F. Katz (1997), ‘How Much Do Immigration and Trade Affect Labor Market Outcomes?’
16. Michael J. Greenwood, Gary L. Hunt and Ulrich Kohli (1997), ‘The Factor-market Consequences of Unskilled Immigration to the United States’
17. Rachel M. Friedberg and Jennifer Hunt (1995), ‘The Impact of Immigrants on Host Country Wages, Employment and Growth’
18. Magnus Blomström, Gunnar Fors and Robert E. Lipsey (1997), ‘Foreign Direct Investment and Employment: Home Country Experience in the United States and Sweden’
19. S. Lael Brainard and David A. Riker (1997), ‘Are U.S. Multinationals Exporting U.S. Jobs?’
20. Robert C. Feenstra and Gordon H. Hanson (1999), ‘The Impact of Outsourcing and High-Technology Capital on Wages: Estimates for the United States, 1979–1990’
21. Robert Z. Lawrence (1994), ‘Trade, Multinationals, and Labor’
22. James R. Markusen and Anthony J. Venables (1997), ‘The Role of Multinational Firms in the Wage-Gap Debate’
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