Greed, Corruption, and the Modern State


Greed, Corruption, and the Modern State

Essays in Political Economy

9781784714697 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Susan Rose-Ackerman, Henry R. Luce Professor Emeritus of Law and Political Science, Yale University and Paul Lagunes, Georgetown University, US
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78471 469 7 Extent: 384 pp
What makes the control of corruption so difficult and contested? Drawing on the insights of political science, economics and law, the expert contributors to this book offer diverse perspectives. One group of chapters explores the nature of corruption in democracies and autocracies, and “reforms” that are mere facades. Other contributions examine corruption in infrastructure, tax collection, cross-border trade, and military procurement. Case studies from various regions – such as China, Peru, South Africa and New York City – anchor the analysis with real-world situations. The book pays particular attention to corruption involving international business and the domestic regulation of foreign bribery.

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The expert authors in this timely volume offer diverse perspectives on how corruption distorts state and market relations, while drawing from insights in political science, economics, and law.

This book represents a new wave of research in political economy, relying on methodological rigor to address topics ranging from corruption in taxation and trade to crony capitalism and false anti-corruption reforms. Key chapters provide a thorough review of the literature on links between political connections and democratic institutions. Special attention is paid to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, China’s anti-corruption drive, and language used to discuss tax evasion. Case studies from various regions—such as China, Paraguay, South Africa, and New York City—anchor the analysis with real-world situations.

Greed, Corruption, and the Modern State is a critical resource for students, researchers, and practitioners interested in development, economics, governance, and corruption.
Contributors: P. Alldridge, D. Batzilis, J. Bussell, K.E. Davis, A. Díaz-Cayeros, R. Fisman, N. Hite-Rubin, F. Hualing, R. Huang, P. Lagunes, B. Magaloni, K. Moene, V. Romero, S. Rose-Ackerman, S. Sequeira, T. Søreide, M.C. Stephenson, S. Straub, F. Varese


Susan Rose-Ackerman and Paul Lagunes

1. Typologies of Corruption: A Pragmatic Approach
Jennifer Bussell

2. Good Governance Facades
Kalle Moene and Tina Søreide

3. Political Connections and Commerce - A Global Perspective
Raymond Fisman

4. Corruption and Democratic Institutions: A Review and Synthesis
Matthew C. Stephenson

5. Wielding the Sword: President Xi’s New Anti-Corruption Campaign
Fu Hualing

6. The Story of Paraguayan Dams: The Long Term Consequences of Wrongdoing in Procurement
Stéphane Straub

7. Saving Gotham: Fighting Corruption in New York City’s Property Tax System
Paul Lagunes and Rongyao Huang

8. Corruption and Trade Costs
Sandra Sequeira

9. A Corruption, Military Procurement and FDI Nexus?
Nancy Hite-Rubin

10. Caught in the Crossfire: The Geography of Extortion and Police Corruption in Mexico
Alberto Díaz-Cayeros, Beatriz Magaloni and Vidal Romero

11. Bribing Abroad
Dimitris Batzilis

12. Regulation of Foreign Bribery: The FCPA Enforcement Model
Kevin E. Davis

13. Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering and the Problem of ‘Offshore’
Peter Alldridge

14. Underground Banking and Corruption
Federico Varese

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