Handbook of American Public Administration


Handbook of American Public Administration

9781786432063 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Edmund C. Stazyk, Associate Professor, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, Department of Public Administration and Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York and the late H. George Frederickson, formerly Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Public Administration, School of Public Affairs and Administration, University of Kansas, US
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 206 3 Extent: 576 pp
The Handbook of American Public Administration draws on the expertise of established and emerging scholars to provide national and international audiences a comprehensive review of the current state and future direction of theory and practice in US public administration. The authors provide a cross-disciplinary, holistic review of the field and pave an agenda for future research.

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This forward-thinking Handbook draws on the expertise of established and emerging scholars to provide a comprehensive review of the current state and future direction of theory and practice in US public administration.

Chapters offer a cross-disciplinary, holistic review of the field, pulling together leaders from subfields such as public administration, public and nonprofit management, finance, human resource management, networks, nonprofits, policy, and politics. Chapter authors conclude that the field is intellectually rich and highly nuanced, but also identify numerous opportunities for growth and expansion in the coming years. The Handbook charts an agenda for future research in the field.

The Handbook of American Public Administration is geared toward academics, researchers, and advanced graduate students. As an authoritative text on the history and state of US public administration, it proves equally suitable for national and international audiences. Practitioners who may be looking for background information or state-of-the-art knowledge about practice will also benefit from this Handbook.
Critical Acclaim
‘Currently, public administration as art and science ponders a challenging and uncertain future. Thus, no better time exists to take stock and ponder the practical and theoretical value of its topical coverage to date. Stazyk and Frederickson have assembled an eclectic and impressive group of senior and junior scholars to join them in this intellectual exercise. Collectively, the contributors offer a stiletto-like dissection of where and how the field’s energy has been expended, what knowledge it has produced, what its limitations are, and where future energies might best be expended. Kudos to all.’
– Robert F. Durant, American University, US

‘The Handbook of American Public Administration offers a comprehensive and insightful overview of how governance is evolving in the United States. It brings together leading scholars who wrestle with some of the fundamental questions of how we govern. A highly recommended addition for anyone concerned about the past and future of the American administrative state.’
– Don Moynihan, Georgetown University, US

‘This book provides authoritative discussions of long-standing fundamental topics in public administration as well as currently crucial topics. The editors and authors include intellectual leaders of the field as well as emerging scholars destined for leading roles. This volume offers an essential contribution to every professional’s library and to discussions and seminars on leading thought and analysis in the field.’
– Hal G. Rainey, University of Georgia, US

‘This Handbook offers a broad range of contemporary topics central to public administration theory and practice. It provides valuable insights into the directions in which the field is going, and the inclusion of chapters by junior and emerging scholars provides innovative and refreshing views on what the future of the field will look like in years to come.’
– Norma M. Riccucci, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, US
Contributors: G. Arnold, G.A. Brewer, B.J. Cook, R.S. Davis, L. DeHart-Davis, M.D. Farnworth, P.S. Federman, S. Fernandez, H.G. Frederickson, H. Getha-Taylor, R.K. Ghere, D.M. Hatmaker, K. Hendren, C.J. Hill, N. Humphrey, K.R. Isett, S. Jo, J.E. Kellough, S.Y. Kim, Y. Kim, L. Langbein, M. Leighninger, L.E. Lynn, Jr., D.S.T. Matkin, B. Merriman, C.C. Merritt, A.V. Moldavanova, T. Nabatchi, S. Nicholson-Crotty, Z.W. Oberfield, R. O’Leary, A. Osorio, S.K. Pandey, Y.J. Park, S. Portillo, B.A. Radin, W.G. Resh, J.R. Sandfort, L.M. Shimek, A.E. Smith, S.R. Smith, R.L. St. Clair, E.C. Stazyk, S. Webeck, E.S. Zeemering, H.L. Zook

1. Introduction to the Handbook of American Public Administration
Edmund C. Stazyk and H. George Frederickson

2. The value of historical perspectives in public administration
Peter Stanley Federman

3. Reviving the study of public administration’s legal foundation: Juris et de jure
Andrew Osorio

4. Public administration as a function of executive and legislative power
William G. Resh and Haram Lee Zook

5. Modern state-federal conflict: The central role of administration and administrative law
Ben Merriman

6. Bureaucracy and democracy: Perils and prospects
Brian J. Cook

7. A rose by any other name: New public management in America
Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.

8. Dueling banjos in American public administration: The enduring themes of accountability and performance
Gene A. Brewer

9. Bureaucratic discretion in public agencies: Principals, principles, and agents
Laura Langbein

10. Managing for high performance
Sergio Fernandez and Sun Young Kim

11. Motivation in public management: Seeing the forest through the trees
Kathryn Hendren and Sanjay K. Pandey

12. Expanding the employee engagement model for public service: Prioritizing relatedness to achieve collaborative outcomes
Heather Getha-Taylor

13. The “dark side” of the public workplace: Counterproductive workplace behavior and environmental negativity in public administration research
Randall S. Davis

14. Social equity and public administration in rhetorical perspective(s)
Richard K. Ghere

15. Antecedents to managing publicness: A study of professional and cultural socialization
Cullen C. Merritt and Morgan D. Farnworth

16. Social equity, equal opportunity, and affirmative action in the public sector: Lessons from eight decades of struggle
J. Edward Kellough

17. Public sector diversity research: Taking stock
Leisha DeHart-Davis, Deneen Hatmaker, Zachary W. Oberfield and Amy E. Smith

18. Institutionalism and assumptions: Institutionalizing race and gender in public administration scholarship
Shannon Portillo and Nicole Humphrey

19. Sustainability research in US public administration: Pillar tensions and synergies
Alisa V. Moldavanova

20. Collaborative public management: The US perspective
Rosemary O’Leary

21. Nodes and links as actors and actions in public administration networks
Gwen Arnold and Luke M. Shimek

22. Nonprofit organizations and public administration: The state of the field and future directions
Steven Rathgeb Smith

23. Collaborative local governance: Building metropolitan services, vision, and teamwork
Eric S. Zeemering

24. Public participation in American public administration
Tina Nabatchi, Suyeon Jo, and Matt Leighninger

25. The emergence of public financial management
David S. T. Matkin, Youngsung Kim and Young Joo Park

26. What we know about the interaction between politics and administration in the policy-making process
Sean Nicholson-Crotty and Sean Webeck

27. Public management and program effectiveness in US public administration
Carolyn J. Hill

28. A conceptual map of performance measurement
Beryl A. Radin

29. Theoretical foundations and design principles to improve policy and program implementation
Jodi R. Sandfort

30. Using fs/QCA to understand the role of organizational structure in public health policy
Rebekah L. St. Clair and Kimberly R. Isett

31. Conclusion: Where does US public administration go from here?
Edmund C. Stazyk and H. George Frederickson

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