Handbook of Civic Engagement and Education


Handbook of Civic Engagement and Education

9781800376946 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Richard Desjardins, University of California, Los Angeles, US and Susan Wiksten, European Institute of Education and Social Policy, France
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 694 6 Extent: 346 pp
Underscoring the complex relationship between civic engagement and education at all stages of life, this innovative Handbook identifies the contemporary challenges and best approaches and practices to encourage civic engagement within education.

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Underscoring the complex relationship between civic engagement and education at all stages of life, this innovative Handbook identifies the contemporary challenges and best approaches and practices to encourage civic engagement within education.

Chapters cover the theoretical and historical background of civic engagement and education, ideological and social movements, civic-oriented education, curriculum, and outcomes. Using empirical comparative data and unique context-specific studies, the Handbook explores ecopedagogy, education in emergencies, and the novel concept of social contract pedagogy. Addressing contemporary challenges to civic engagement in education, it examines polarization and extremism, accelerating planetary and societal changes, environmental crises, the digital divide, and post-Covid civic education. Ultimately, it finds that civic engagement is best supported by education practices that are characterized by humanizing, negotiated, collaborative, and dialogical approaches which encourage students to develop civic knowledge, critical thinking skills, and moral and ethical values.

Interdisciplinary and international in scope, this Handbook will prove vital to students and scholars of sociology and education studies. Its holistic understanding of how civic engagement and education interrelate at local, regional, and global levels will also be useful to policymakers concerned with improving civic and student support, engagement, and participation in education.
Critical Acclaim
‘A thought-provoking and significant contribution to the thinking on civic engagement and education that successfully integrates empirical knowledge with sophisticated theoretical perspectives. The editors should be congratulated for assembling such a stellar collection of authors. This book is an indispensable source for established scholars as well as students new to the field.’
– Kjell Rubenson, University of British Columbia, Canada

‘Since the Enlightenment, education’s influence on citizenship has been a constant topic of policy debate, theoretical reflection, and empirical research. As well as taking stock of our current understanding, this stimulating, interdisciplinary collection by outstanding scholars sheds new light on this complex relationship in a changing and often challenging global context.’
– John Field, University of Stirling, UK
Contributors: David E. Campbell, Ralph Carstens, Phyllis A. Cummins, Richard Desjardins, Jason Nunzio Dorio, Kathlyn Elliot, Irina Golubeva, Tessa Eriksen Grevle, Sondra Hale, Yuqing Hou, Syed Nitas Iftekhar, Jan Germen Janmaat, Eva Kosberg, Jan Löfström, Trent McBride, Brian McCommons, Xavier Mellet, Greg William Misiaszek, Raymond A. Morrow, Tricia Niesz, Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, Amy Pojar, Wonmai Punksungka, Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha, Wolfram Schulz, Jeff Share, Aline Zero Soares, Andrew Swindell, Veronika Thalhammer, Hanna Toiviainen, Carlos Alberto Torres, Elina Weiste, Susan Wiksten, Takashi Yamashita

Introduction: civic engagement and education 1
Richard Desjardins and Susan Wiksten

1 Civic education agendas: from popular education and nationalism to
global efforts 12
Susan Wiksten
2 Habermas and civic education 28
Raymond A. Morrow
3 Seeking moral high ground – global citizenship education: the quest for
a global planetarian ethics 42
Carlos Alberto Torres
4 Social contract pedagogy: enabling communication and governance for
the negotiation of balanced outcomes 56
Richard Desjardins

5 Education as social movement tactic, target, context, and outcome 68
Tricia Niesz
6 Community engagement, feminist movements, and academia: the
development of women’s studies in the United States 83
Sondra Hale
7 Ecopedagogy: teaching for socio-environmental civic actions through
local, global and planetary lenses 94
Greg William Misiaszek and Syed Nitas Iftekhar
8 Global citizenship education to disrupt neo-nationalism 106
Amy Pojar, Yuqing Hou and Jason Nunzio Dorio

9 Civic education and voting 123
David E. Campbell
10 Education and tolerance: a review of recent research 133
Jan Germen Janmaat
11 Youth civic engagement 152
Xavier Mellet
12 Critical media literacy for civic engagement in the United States 162
Jeff Share and Trent M. C. McBride
13 Aims, concepts, and assessment of the citizenship education curriculum
in northern Europe 173
Najat Ouakrim-Soivio and Jan Löfström
14 Politics and ethics of civic and citizenship education curricula in
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden 182
Jan Löfström and Najat Ouakrim-Soivio
15 Intercultural citizenship education in university settings 191
Irina Golubeva

16 The IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 211
Wolfram Schulz and Ralph Carstens
17 Review of International Civic and Citizenship Survey data analyses of
student political efficacy 234
Eva Kosberg and Tessa Eriksen Grevle
18 Volunteer participation, STEM background, and basic skills among
adults in the United States 247
Takashi Yamashita, Wonmai Punksungka and Phyllis A. Cummins

19 Civic and social engagement outcomes of education in emergencies:
perspectives from varied contexts 265
Andrew Swindell, Brian McCommons and Kathlyn Elliot
20 Learning for change in health and social care: expertise by experience
as a new form of civic engagement 279
Hanna Toiviainen and Elina Weiste
21 Civic engagement during the biographical transition to retirement in
Germany 294
Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha and Veronika Thalhammer
22 Integral education in Brazil: the main elements of the debate applied to
an adult and youth school in São Paulo 305
Aline Zero Soares

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