Handbook of Critical Issues in Finance


Handbook of Critical Issues in Finance

9781849803700 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jan Toporowski, Professor of Economics and Finance, SOAS University of London, UK, Visiting Professor of Economics and Finance, International University College, Turin, and Visiting Professor of Economics, University of Bergamo, Italy and Jo Michell, University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), UK
Publication Date: December 2012 ISBN: 978 1 84980 370 0 Extent: 336 pp
This vital new Handbook is an authoritative volume presenting key issues in finance that have been widely discussed in the financial markets but have been neglected in textbooks and the usual compilations of conventional academic wisdom.

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More Information
This vital Handbook is an authoritative volume presenting key issues in finance that have been widely discussed in the financial markets but have been neglected in textbooks and the usual compilations of conventional academic wisdom.

A wide range of topics including the recent economic crisis, capital controls, the Franc Zone, quantitative easing and securitization, as well as the key controversies associated with them, are explored and explained in depth by well-known authorities in finance and economics.

Designed to complement and expand upon standard textbooks as well as the specialist critical literature on particular topics in finance, this informative Handbook will prove invaluable to academics, researchers and students focusing on economics, finance and heterodox economics.
Contributors: R. Bellofiore, D. Bezemer, S. Blankenburg, H. Braun, T. Congdon, G. Cozzi, P.L. dos Santos, S.C. Dow, T. Evans, G. Ietto-Gillies, P. Kalmi, A. Kaltenbrunner, E. Karwowski, J. Kregel, S. Krishnan, M.S. Lawlor, C.G. Leathers, N. Levy Orlik, P. Lysandrou, D.G. Mayes, J. Michell, T. Mott, A. Nesvetailova, J.P. Painceira, R. Palan, J. Perraton, J. Powell, J.P. Raines, K. Ruziev, S. Sigurgeirsdóttir, W. Song, E. Stockhammer, J. Toporowski, A. Trigg, E. Tymoigne, J. Tyson, L. Ventimiglia, S. Venugopalan, R.H. Wade, C.J. Whalen, M.H. Wolfson, G. Wood, L.R. Wray

Jan Toporowski and Jo Michell

1. Asian Monetary Union
Wei Song

2. Bad Banks
David G. Mayes

3. Bank Regulation
Geoffrey Wood

4. Capital Controls
Giovanni Cozzi

5. Capital Market Inflation
Henryk Braun

6. Central Bank Policy
Juan Pablo Painceira

7. Central Banks
Tim Congdon

8. Commodity Markets
Luigi Ventimiglia

9. Cooperative Banking
Panu Kalmi

10. Credit Cycles
Dirk Bezemer

11. Emerging Markets
Kobil Ruziev

12. The Exchange Rate
Annina Kaltenbrunner

13. Financial Crises
Martin H. Wolfson

14. Financial Fragility
Eric Tymoigne

15. Financial Keynesianism
Riccardo Bellofiore

16. Financial Markets In Developing Countries
Noemi Levy Orlik

17. Financialization
Engelbert Stockhammer

18. The Flow of Funds
Jo Michell

19. The Franc Zone
Jan Toporowski

20. Globalization
Jonathan Perraton

21. Hedge Funds
Photis Lysandrou

22. The Iceland Crisis
Robert H. Wade and Silla Sigurgeirsdóttir

23. International Banking
Trevor Evans

24. International Finance
Jeff Powell

25. Islamic Banking
Ewa Karwowski

26. John Maynard Keynes
Michael S. Lawlor

27. Limited Liability
Stephanie Blankenburg

28. Liquidity
Anastasia Nesvetailova

29. Karl Marx
Andrew Trigg

30. The Methodology of Finance
Sheila C. Dow

31. Microfinance
Judith Tyson

32. Hyman P. Minsky
Jan Kregel

33. Money in Finance
L. Randall Wray

34. Money Manager Capitalism
Charles J. Whalen

35. Option Pricing Models
Paulo L. dos Santos

36. Overcapitalization
Jan Toporowski

37. Private Equity Funds
Jan Toporowski

38. Quantitative Easing
Shujoya Venugopalan

39. Risk
Tracy Mott

40. Securitization
Sanjay Krishnan

41. Tax Havens
Ronen Palan

42. Transnational Companies and Finance
Grazia Ietto-Gillies

43. Thorstein Veblen
Charles G. Leathers and J. Patrick Raines

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