Handbook of Culture and Migration


Handbook of Culture and Migration

9781789903454 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jeffrey H. Cohen, Professor of Anthropology, The Ohio State University, US and Ibrahim Sirkeci, International Business School, UK
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 345 4 Extent: 480 pp
Capturing the important place and power role that culture plays in the decision-making process of migration, this Handbook looks at human movement outside of a vacuum; taking into account the impact of family relationships, access to resources, and security and insecurity at both the points of origin and destination.

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Critical Acclaim
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Capturing the important place and power role that culture plays in the decision-making process of migration, this Handbook looks at human movement outside of a vacuum; taking into account the impact of family relationships, access to resources, and security and insecurity at both the points of origin and destination.

Utilising case studies from around the world, chapters look at migration from the perspectives of a broad range of migrants, including refugees, labour migrants, students, highly educated migrants, and documented and undocumented movers. The Handbook moves beyond an understanding of the economics of migration, looking at the importance of love, skilled movers, food and identity in migrants’ lives. It analyses the assumption that migrants follow direct pathways to new destinations where they settle, recognising the dynamic ways in which movers travel, following circular routes and celebrating new opportunities. Highlighting the challenges migrants face, disputes around belonging and citizenship are explored in relation to rising nationalism and xenophobia.

The insightful studies of the choices migrants make around both perceived and real needs and resources will make this Handbook a critical read for scholars and students of migration studies. It will also appeal to policy makers looking to understand the complexity of the impetus to migrant movement, and the important role that culture plays.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook provides a wealth of state-of-the-art chapters exploring the foremost issues concerning contemporary global migration. Its integrative theme of culture – human meanings and patterns as they affect migration processes – offers a most welcome perspective and mode of understanding.’
– Steven Vertovec, Max Planck institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany

‘Based on the fundamental argument that “culture matters” for understanding migration, this rich collection of essays makes new and original contributions to the study of migration as a key global process. These novel perspectives include wellbeing, lifestyle, sex, religion, sport, food, resilience, and many others.’
– Russell King, University of Sussex, UK
Contributors: L. Azevedo, J.N. Baada, C.B. Brettell, A. Carattini, J.H. Cohen, J.A. Cook, D.E. Crews, M. Cvajner, D. Eroğlu-Utku, L.A. Feil, R.J. González, G. Gullette, E. Heikkilä, J.A. Hellman, R.M. Hernández-Ríos, Y. Hou, A.R. Jerry, M. Kotzur, S. Lässer, P. Martin, R. McAreavey, M.J. Moran-Taylor, N. Omata, K. Paerregaard, N.C. Parson, J. Pauli, S. Pei, C. Perkins, B. Ramirez Rios, P.K. Schuster, G. Sciortino, M. Shaffer, R. Singh, I. Sirkeci, K. Sontag, E. Stewart, C. Sumata, M.J. Taylor, T. Tezcan, M.M. Trapp, E.M. Trinka, A.C. Tuggle, G.L. Ulmer, P. Yazgan, N. Yeasmin, A. Zohry, N. Zotova

Preface xix
1 Handbook of Culture and Migration : an introduction 1
Jeffrey H. Cohen and Ibrahim Sirkeci

2 Ask an “open” question and you’ll get a surprising answer:
counterintuitive findings on Mexican migration to the United States 6
Judith Adler Hellman
3 Conflict model of migration and perception of human insecurity 17
Deniz Eroğlu-Utku and Pınar Yazgan
4 A culture of mobility? Perspectives on the human rights-based
migration government 25
Markus Kotzur and Leonard Amaru Feil
5 The sexual dimension of migration: from sexual migration to changing
lovescapes 40
Martina Cvajner and Giuseppe Sciortino
6 Kaleidoscopic relations in emerging destinations 54
Ruth McAreavey
7 Mirrored selves: reflections on religious narrative(s) in the lives of migrants 68
Eric M. Trinka
8 Gender and culture of migration 82
Caroline B. Brettell
9 Return migration 95
Julia Pauli
10 International migration, environment, and climate change dynamics 110
Michelle J. Moran-Taylor and Matthew J. Taylor
11 Taste and displacement 124
Micah M. Trapp

12 Migration policy making in the US 138
Philip Martin
13 Migration of humans versus migration of cultures in the Middle East 152
Ayman Zohry
14 A framework for understanding migration from Sub-Saharan Africa:
transnational and global perspectives 162
Claude Sumata
15 International migration from India: an historical overview 168
Ruchi Singh
16 Situations and challenges: survey on internal ethnic migrants in
northwest Hubei in China 175
Ying Hou and Shengyu Pei
17 Labour market integration of immigrants in Finland 186
Elli Heikkilä and Nafisa Yeasmin

18 Contextualizing religiosity and identity in the case of Turkish
immigrants in Western Europe 204
Tolga Tezcan
19 Transnational migration, racial economies, and the limitations to membership 219
Bernardo Ramirez Rios and Anthony Russell Jerry
20 Transnational migration and the lived experience of class across borders 232
Jennifer A. Cook
21 Student and retiree mobilities 248
Liliana Azevedo, Silva Lässer and Katrin Sontag
22 Violence and resilience across borders 263
Nia C. Parson
23 Development, migration, and the prospects of ‘betterment’ 274
Gregory Gullette
24 The ‘mobility turn’: economic inequality in refugee livelihoods 287
Naohiko Omata
25 Remittances and belonging: reading the social meaning of Peruvian
migrants’ money 301
Karsten Paerregaard
26 Highly skilled migrants and their networks 313
Amy Carattini
27 Precarity, migration and extractive labour in the Peruvian Amazon 328
Gordon Lewis Ulmer
28 Refugees on the move: resettlement and onward migration in ‘final’
destination countries 341
Marnie Shaffer and Emma Stewart
29 Where is home? Navigating the complexities of refugee repatriation 351
Carrie Perkins
30 “They took a piece of my flesh”: transnational motherhood and activism
in Tlaxcala, Mexico 363
Ruth M. Hernández-Ríos
31 Virtual village: Zapotec migrants in the digital era 372
Roberto J. González
32 Interconnectivities: mobility, food and place 386
Paulette K. Schuster

33 Doing good or doing harm? The interrelations between migration,
well-being, and mental health 397
Natalia Zotova
34 Experiences of sociocultural reproduction among migrant women in the
Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana 412
Jemima Nomunume Baada
35 Migration, stress, and physiological dysregulation 425
Alexandra C. Tuggle and Douglas E. Crews

Index 442
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