Handbook of Customer Engagement in Tourism Marketing


Handbook of Customer Engagement in Tourism Marketing

9781802203936 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Raouf Ahmad Rather, Scientific Researcher, Jammu and Kashmir, India and Haywantee Ramkissoon, Fellow of the Peer Review College, British Academy of Management, London, UK; Professor, UniSA Business, University of South Australia; Distinguished Visiting Professor, School of Tourism and Hospitality, College of Business and Economics, University of Johannesburg, South Africa and Visiting Professor, Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism (CRiT), Taylor’s University, Malaysia
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 393 6 Extent: 382 pp
Providing an overview of current research and empirical applications, this Handbook serves as an authoritative and comprehensive guide to customer engagement in the tourism industry. Addressing important challenges, contributions from a global range of scholars explore an array of strategic and tactical issues including understanding and managing customer engagement as well as the metrics for capturing, measuring and implementing engagement methods.

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Providing an overview of current research and empirical applications, this Handbook serves as an authoritative and comprehensive guide to customer engagement in the tourism industry. Addressing important challenges, contributions from a global range of scholars explore an array of strategic and tactical issues including understanding and managing customer engagement as well as the metrics for capturing, measuring and implementing engagement methods.

Covering the significance of customer engagement in broader tourism marketing practices, this book highlights the current emerging issues in the field and applications across different contexts and sectors. With practical applications of concepts through case studies pre-, during and post-COVID-19 pandemic, it develops a rich narrative around customer engagement in evolving technological environments. Chapters further forecast potential developments in the field in the wake of current issues and challenges.

This will be a crucial read for students and scholars of business management, economics and geography, particularly those focusing on marketing and tourism and hospitality management. The practical guidance offered will also make this helpful for policy makers, planners, marketers and managers in the tourism industry.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a “must read” source for researchers, teachers and practitioners in the field of customer engagement. It includes strong chapters on important topics related to customer engagement co-authored by leading scholars globally.’
– Fevzi Okumus, University of Central Florida, US

‘This edited book written by prominent scholars from 18 countries, offers significant contributions to advance knowledge and provides recommendations for practitioners. Including chapters addressing the theoretical underpinnings, conceptualization and measurement of customer engagement, it highlights both positive and negative customer engagement and behavior, and investigates antecedents and consequences of CE, making this book a rich resource for researchers, postgraduate students, academics and practitioners. It is a must-have and must-read book.’
– S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, Taylor''s University, Malaysia

''In the Handbook of Customer Engagement in Tourism Marketing, scholars from around the globe collaborate to explore a range of innovative/emerging themes on customer engagement (CE). Cutting-edge research issues relating to tourism and marketing practice, theory development, metrics/firm performance, and conceptual relationships, the set of collated chapters would be helpful not merely to academics who study CE, but also to tourism/marketing practitioners and policy makers wishing to better leverage and understand CE. This title is highly recommended.’
– Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University, UK
Contributors include: Zuhair Abbas, Amir Zaib Abbasi, Matthew Alexander, Farhat Amin, Jaylan Azer, M.S. Balaji, Sergio Barta, Adele D. Berndt, Ricardo Godinho Bilro, María Bonilla-Quijada, Malaika Brengman, Francesca Cabiddu, Lisa Cain, Catarina Calisto de Freitas, Jesús Cambra-Fierro, Mobin Fatma, Carlos Flavián, María Fuentes-Blasco, Lily (Xuehui) Gao, Linda D. Hollebeek, Shuyue Huang, Khalil Hussain, Yangyang Jiang, Maroof Khalil, Huda Khan, Imran Khan, Muddasar Ghani Khwaja, Diana KolbeInes Küster-Boluda, Young-Sook Lee, María Eugenia López-Pérez, Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, Susana Henriques Marques, Line Mathisen, Khalid Mehmood, Iguácel Melero-Polo, Ludovica Moi, Shoaib Muhammad, Daniel J. Petzer, Gianluca Pusceddu, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Tareq Rasul, Raouf Ahmad Rather, Mohsin Abdur Rehman, Joan Ripoll-i Alcon, Siri Ulfsdatter Søreng, Ting Ding Hooi, Juan Tugores-Ques, Natalia Vila-López, Jenely Dayana Villamediana-Pedrosa, Tenghao Wang, Kim Willems, Erisher Woyo, Xiya Zhang

Preface xxi

Introduction to the Handbook of Customer Engagement in Tourism Marketing xxv
1 Customer engagement in tourism and hospitality research 1
Raouf Ahmad Rather, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Linda D. Hollebeek,
and Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro
2 Positive and negative customer engagement in the tourism
industry: should these constructs be studied separately? 25
Jenely Dayana Villamediana-Pedrosa, Natalia Vila-López, Inés
Küster-Boluda, and Diana Kolbe
3 Negative customer engagement behavior in online social
networks: understanding the nuance 43
Matthew Alexander and Jaylan Azer
4 Customer engagement conceptualization and conceptual links 56
Shuyue Huang
5 Measuring the value of customer engagement metrics 73
Adele D. Berndt and Daniel J. Petzer
6 Promotion of urban tourism: an analysis of customer
engagement on Instagram in two Spanish cities 86
Juan Tugores-Ques, María Bonilla-Quijada and Joan Ripoll-i-Alcon
7 Connecting the dots between customer-perceived value of
travel vlogs and Generation Z travel intention: the mediating
role of online customer engagement 99
Yangyang Jiang, Xiya Zhang, M. S. Balaji and Tenghao Wang
8 The influence of customer engagement on destination loyalty
from a destination marketing organisation perspective 115
Catarina Calisto de Freitas, Ricardo Godinho Bilro, and Susana
Henriques Marques
9 Tourists’ affective, cognitive, and behavioral engagement
through destination brand reputation 129
Raouf Ahmad Rather and Farhat Amin
10 Customer engagement and employee engagement, two sides of
a coin: intellectual structures using bibliometric analysis 142
Mohsin Abdur Rehman, Zuhair Abbas, Raouf Ahmad Rather, Maroof
Khalil, and Shoaib Muhammad
11 Customer engagement and trust: the moderating role of age
and gender 158
Imran Khan and Mobin Fatma
12 The impact of virtual reality on customer engagement in
tourism marketing: do age, gender and buyer readiness matter? 170
Kim Willems and Malaika Brengman
13 Customer engagement in evolving technological environments 187
Carlos Flavián and Sergio Barta
14 Consumer engagement in tourism-based images on social
networking sites and behavioral intention to visit a destination 201
Khalil Hussain, Amir Zaib Abbasi, Muddasar Ghani Khwaja, and
Ting Ding Hooi
15 Cross-cultural co-creation of a tourist site: the emic and etic makings 218
Young-Sook Lee, Line Mathisen and Siri Ulfsdatter Søreng
16 Customer experience and revisit intention: implications
of redesigning hospitality services through technological
innovations and servicescape reorganisation 231
Erisher Woyo
17 Eliciting tourists’ commitment through tourist engagement:
evidence from the tourism destination industry 246
Raouf Ahmad Rather and Farhat Amin
18 Impact of COVID-19 on tourism customer engagement:
a cross-destination comparison 261
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, María Fuentes-Blasco, Lily (Xuehui) Gao,
María Eugenia López-Pérez and Iguácel Melero-Polo
19 Customer engagement in the tourism industry at the time of
COVID-19: an exploratory study 278
Francesca Cabiddu, Ludovica Moi, and Gianluca Pusceddu
20 From communication to customer engagement: insights from
a tourist destination before and during COVID-19 291
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, María Fuentes-Blasco, Lily (Xuehui) Gao and
Iguácel Melero-Polo
21 Post-COVID-19-based customer engagement creation and
contributions in tourism and hospitality social media: an
integrative framework and future research directions 312
Raouf Ahmad Rather, Khalid Mehmood, Tareq Rasul, Lisa Cain, and
Huda Khan
22 Conclusion: revisiting customer engagement and scope for
future research 330
Raouf Ahmad Rather

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