Handbook of Input–Output Analysis


Handbook of Input–Output Analysis

9781783476312 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Thijs ten Raa, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78347 631 2 Extent: 512 pp
In this authoritative Handbook, leading experts from international statistical offices and universities explain in detail the treatment and role of input-output statistics in the System of National Accounts. Furthermore, they address the derivation of input-output coefficients for the purpose of economic and environmental modeling, the building of applied general equilibrium models, the use of these models for efficiency analysis, and the extensions to stochastic and dynamic input-output analysis. As well as revealing and exploring the theoretical foundations, the Handbook also acts as a useful guide for practitioners.

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The field of input-output analysis is fragmented. Statisticians collect and organize data and construct input-output coefficients. Economists analyze these statistics and their changes to measure and explain important concepts such as productivity, efficiency and comparative advantages. Applied economists and environmental analysts then build models around input-output matrices for scenario and impact analyses. This authoritative Handbook encompasses all these elements, explaining in detail the treatment and role of input-output statistics in the System of National Accounts. Importantly, it provides a unifying global supply-use framework to tie together many of the unresolved issues in collecting statistics, constructing input-output coefficients, and their use in modeling.

Leading experts from international statistical offices and universities provide comprehensive coverage of the field, including history, theory, applications, uncertainty and dynamics. They elucidate the collection of accounting statistics, the construction of input-output tables, and their use in economic and environmental analysis. Furthermore, they examine the building of applied general equilibrium models, the use of these models for efficiency analysis, and the links to stochastic and dynamic input-output analysis.

Students and academics studying applied economics and environmental modeling will find this an enlightening guide to the state of the art. As well as revealing and exploring the theoretical foundations, the Handbook will also act as a useful guide for practitioners.
Critical Acclaim
‘Covering a wide range of topics, this practical handbook provides not only a useful compilation of fundamental knowledge but also of the history of input-output analysis, reminding us of the inspiring efforts of its pioneers. The book is a welcome and much-needed reference for novices as well as for established researchers in IOA who want to expand their analytical portfolio. Many facets of IOA are explained and referenced in detail, ranging from underlying basics and concepts to state-of-the-art developments.’
– Thomas Wiedmann, UNSW Australia

‘This is a wonderful book covering the key topics of input–output analysis, from the basics to its link with national accounting, along with new approaches to the construction of input-output tables. The coverage roams from conventional applications to the frontiers of theory and practice, including the turn to international trade. It is not only an excellent guide for beginners, but also a good “appetizer” for input–output academics and professionals to explore their favorite or hot topic further. You will benefit from reading this book.’
– Yang Cuihong, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

‘This edited volume represents an excellent selection of chapters compiled by the pre-eminent economist in the field of input-output economics, Thijs ten Raa. The topics covered include a methodological chapter on the supply and use framework of national accounts; environmental accounting in an input-output framework; the measurement of productivity growth, factor content, and mutlipliers; the treatment of the service sector in input-output economics; the treatment of international trade in this framework; and general equilibrium analysis in the CGE model.’
– Edward Wolff, New York University, US

‘The dramatic development of global production networks in the last few decades has inspired new analytical insights in the field of international trade and environmental economics. The input–output analysis, once considered “old-fashioned,” was brought back to the stage as a key analytical tool, and this Handbook''s impeccable timing captures these emerging academic interests and refreshes the image of traditional input–output users. This unique publication features multi-dimensional coverage of relevant topics rallying the expertise of statisticians, theorists, and practitioners, and hence is expected to serve a wide range of today’s scientific needs. A highly informative read for students, scholars, business persons, and policy-makers alike.’
– Satoshi Inomata, IDE-JETRO, Japan

Contributors: J. Beutel, L. Chies, K. Kratena, B. Los, D.S. Meade, Y. Okuyama, J.M. Rueda-Cantuche, G. Russo, V. Shestalova, K. Swales, U. Temursho, T. ten Raa, K. Turner, R. Wood


1. Introduction
Thijs ten Raa

2. Early Days of the Input-Output Table
Douglas S. Meade

3. The Supply and Use Framework of National Accounts
Joerg Beutel

4. The Construction of Input-Output Coefficients
José M. Rueda-Cantuche

5. Environmental Footprints
Richard Wood

6. Multipliers, Factor Contents, and Productivity
Thijs ten Raa

7. Input-Output Tables and the Interconnectedness of the Service Industries
Giovanni Russo and Laura Chies

8. Input-Output Analysis of International Trade
Bart Los

9. Environmental Economics
Kim Swales and Karen Turner

10. General Equilibrium Analysis
Kurt Kratena

11. Input-Output Based General Equilibrium Analysis of Efficiency
Victoria Shestalova

12. Uncertainty Treatment in Input-Output Analysis
Umed Temursho

13. Dynamic Input-Output Analysis
Yasuhide Okuyama

14. Prospects
Thijs ten Raa

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