Handbook of International Banking


Handbook of International Banking

9781845422233 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Andrew W. Mullineux, The Business School, University of Birmingham and Victor Murinde, AXA Professor in Global Finance, School of Finance and Management, SOAS University of London, UK
Publication Date: 2005 ISBN: 978 1 84542 223 3 Extent: 832 pp
The Handbook of International Banking provides a clearly accessible source of reference material, covering the main developments that reveal how the internationalization and globalization of banking have developed over recent decades to the present, and analyses the creation of a new global financial architecture.

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The Handbook of International Banking provides a clearly accessible source of reference material, covering the main developments that reveal how the internationalization and globalization of banking have developed over recent decades to the present, and analyses the creation of a new global financial architecture.

The Handbook is the first of its kind in the area of international banking with contributions from leading specialists in their respective fields, often with remarkable experience in academia or professional practice. The material is provided mainly in the form of self-contained surveys, which trace the main developments in a well-defined topic, together with specific references to journal articles and working papers. Some contributions, however, disseminate new empirical findings especially where competing paradigms are evaluated.

The Handbook is divided into four areas of interest. The first deals with the globalization of banking and continues on to banking structures and functions. The authors then focus on banking risks, crises and regulation and finally the evolving international financial architecture.

Designed to serve as a source of supplementary reading and inspiration, the Handbook is suited to a range of courses in banking and finance including post-experience and in-house programmes for bankers and other financial services practitioners. This outstanding volume will become essential reference for policymakers, financial practitioners as well as academics and researchers in the field.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook is especially recommended to MBA students and faculty and belongs in the reference collections of academic and research libraries. Although each chapter may serve as a self-contained unit, readers will want to look at the larger picture by comparing and contrasting articles found in each part of the work. It should prove to be a helpful source for those studying international banking, economics and finance, and international business.’
– Lucy Heckman, American Reference Books Annual 2004
Contributors: H. Berger, E.A. Curry, R. Dale, H.A. Dar, J. D’Arista, J. de Haan, J. Dermine, K. Dowd, L. Drake, J. Eichberger, A.G. Eren, F. Fecht, J.G. Fung, E.P.M. Gardener, I.R. Harper, S. Heffernan, N. Hermes, G. Illing, J. Keller, S.J. Khoury, R. Lensink, D.T. Llewellyn, I.W. Marsh, K. Matthews, A. Milne, P. Molyneux, A.W. Mullineux, V. Murinde, J.J. Norton, C. Okeahalam, C.D. Olive, K. Phylaktis, A. Pinijkulviwat, J.R. Presley, C. Ryan, I. Walter, W. Ward, J. Williams, S. Wolfe, G.E. Wood, C. Zhou
1. Globalization and Convergence of Banking Systems
Andrew W. Mullineux and Victor Murinde
2. Multinational Banking: Historical, Empirical and Case
Elisa A. Curry, Justin G. Fung and Ian R. Harper
3. Asset-backed Securitization, Collateralized Loan Obligations
and Credit Derivatives
Warrick Ward and Simon Wolfe
4. The New World of Euro Banking
Jean Dermine
5. Competitive Banking in the EU and Euroland
Edward P.M. Gardener, Philip Molyneux and
Jonathan Williams
6. How to Tie Your Hands: A Currency Board versus an
Independent Central Bank
Jakob de Haan and Helge Berger
7. Free Banking
Kevin Dowd
8. Islamic Banking
Humayon A. Dar and John R. Presley
9. Universal Banking and Shareholder Value: A Contradiction?
Ingo Walter
10. Foreign Exchange Trading Activities of International Banks
Jürgen Eichberger and Joachim Keller
11. The Settlement and Financing of International Trade
Ayse G. Eren
12. Costs and Efficiency in Banking: A Survey of the Evidence from the US, the UK and Japan
Leigh Drake
13. Country Risk: Existing Models and New Horizons
Sarkis Joseph Khoury and Chunsheng Zhou
14. The Causes of Bank Failures
Shelagh Heffernan
15. International Banking Crises
Alistair Milne and Geoffrey E. Wood
16. Some Lessons for Bank Regulation from Recent Financial Crises
David T. Llewellyn
17. Reforming the Traditional Structure of a Central Bank to Cope
with the Asian Financial Crisis: Lessons from the Bank of
Andrew W. Mullineux, Victor Murinde and Adisorn
18. Capital Flight: The Key Issues
Niels Hermes, Robert Lensink and Victor Murinde
19. International Banks and the Washing of Dirty Money: The
Economics of Money Laundering
Kent Matthews
20. The Regulation of International Banking: Structural Issues
Richard Dale and Simon Wolfe
21. US Banking Regulation: Practice and Trends
Joseph J. Norton and Christopher D. Olive
22. Deposit Insurance and International Banking Regulation
C. Charles Okeahalam
23. The institutional Design of Central Banks
Falko Fecht and Gerhard Illing
24. The International Monetary Fund: Past, Present and Future
Ian W. Marsh and Kate Phylaktis
25. Reforming the Privatized International Monetary and
Financial Architecture
Jane D’Arista
26. Globalization, the WTO and GATS: Implications for the
Banking Sector in Developing Countries
Victor Murinde and Cillian Ryan
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