Handbook of Migration and Globalisation


Handbook of Migration and Globalisation

9781785367502 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Anna Triandafyllidou, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78536 750 2 Extent: 512 pp
This Handbook explores the multifaceted linkages between two of the most important socioeconomic phenomena of our time: globalisation and migration. Both are on the rise, increasing in size and scope worldwide, and this Handbook offers the necessary background knowledge and tools to understand how population flows shape, and are shaped by, economic and cultural globalisation.

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This Handbook explores the multifaceted linkages between two of the most important socioeconomic phenomena of our time: globalisation and migration. Both are on the rise, increasing in size and scope worldwide, and this Handbook offers the necessary background knowledge and tools to understand how population flows shape, and are shaped by, economic and cultural globalisation.

Through central themes which correspond to the four domains of human life – politics, economics (separated into trade and development, and the global division of labour), culture and family life – expert authors from five continents highlight the interdependence between migration and globalisation, and explore the mutual impact of economic, social and political globalisation on international population flows. They also investigate how migrants themselves become agents of the globalisation process.

With accessible language that guides the reader easily through complex issues, this Handbook makes an ideal resource for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and academics interested in migration, ethnicity, development, international relations and international economics.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a truly global book about migration and globalisation. Covering forced and voluntary migration, internal and international movements, and Asia, Latin America, and Africa, this comprehensive reference will certainly become a go-to book for scholars, lawyers, and policymakers alike.’
– Peggy Levitt, author of Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display

‘Appropriate for a book with this title, Anna Triandafyllidou has assembled a global consortium of authors to provide a rich and exhaustive compendium of insightful essays on migration as an increasingly globalised yet diversified phenomenon. The Handbook deserves to become a key reference tool for students, scholars and policymakers dealing with migration in its many forms. Above all, the book demonstrates migration''s close and complex economic, political and cultural interconnections with globalisation.’
– Russell King, University of Sussex and Malmö University, Sweden

‘The Handbook of Migration and Globalisation offers an impressive overview of the global state of migration. With an interdisciplinary group of contributors spanning a wide geography, its in-depth examinations of migration offer diverse perspectives on migrant governance, economic activities and cultural transformations. The collection’s most significant contribution is its multiscalar perspective on the governance and economies of migration as the chapters cover the global, regional, national, local and individual operations of migration and globalisation. This is an essential resource and necessary Handbook for anyone interested in the current state of migration across the globe.’
– Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, University of Southern California, US and Author of Servants of Globalization: Migration and Domestic Work

‘Anna Triandafyllidou is at the forefront of migration studies in relation to Europe and here brings together a cast of experts covering these issues across the globe. This Handbook is not just a resource for researchers on particular regions but connects disparate regional studies into a global overview and nurtures a global research community.’
- Tariq Modood, University of Bristol, UK

Contributors: D. Acosta, I. Atak, L. Baldassar, J.R. Campbell, R. Casillas Ramírez, S. Dickerson, S. Fine, L.F. Freier, A. Geddes, A.M. Goossens, S. Huang, A. Kaur, M. Kilkey, K. Kluczewska, O. Korneev, M. Lahlou, T. Lam, S. Marchetti, M. McAuliffe, U.H. Meinhof, L. Merla, F. Mieres, I. Molodikova, S. Odynets, M.P.K. Okyerefo, C. Ozden, J.K. Parida, A. Pécoud, K.R. Raman, H. Rapoport, M. Sandi, M.B. Setrana, F. Thornton, A. Triandafyllidou, I. van Liempt, X. Wang, B.B. Weeraratne, R. Wilding, B.S.A. Yeoh, Q. Zhang, L. Zhyznomirska

1. Globalisation and migration: an introduction
Anna Triandafyllidou

Part I Governing Migration at the Age of Globalisation
2. An international human rights framework for migration in a globalising world
Idil Atak

3. International organisations and the multilevel governance of migration
Shoshana Fine and Antoine Pécoud

4. The globalised third sector in the migration policy field
Oleg Korneev and Karolina Kluczewska

5. Regional governance of migration in South America
Diego Acosta and Luisa Feline Freier

6. Regulating international migration in an era of increasing interconnectedness
Marie McAuliffe and Alexandra Masako Goossens

7. Patterns and governance of labour migration in ASEAN: regional policies and migration corridors
Amarjit Kaur

8. The governance of migration in Europe: towards fragmentation?
Andrew Geddes

9. Human smuggling: a global migration industry
Ilse van Liempt

10. Migration, recruitment and forced labour in a globalising world
Fabiola Mieres

Part II The Global Economy, Trade and Migration
11. Migration and trade
Hillel Rapoport

12. Migration and development: the role of remittances
Bilesha B. Weeraratne

13. Diaspora engagement and return migration policies
Sarah Dickerson and Caglar Ozden

14. India: rising trends of international and internal migration
Jajati Keshari Parida and K. Ravi Raman

15. Regional migration dynamics and implications for innovation and development in North Africa
Mehdi Lahlou

16. Migration and economic adjustment: lessons from Indonesia and the US
Matteo Sandi

Part III The Interlocking Dynamics of Internal, Inter-regional and International Migration
17. Internal and international migration dynamics in Africa
Michael P. K. Okyerefo and Mary Boatemaa Setrana

18. Internal and international migration dynamics in China
Qian Zhang and Xiaoyi Wang

19. Migrants passing through Mexico: a look at what the Trump presidency may bring
Rodolfo Casillas Ramírez

20. Eurasian migration towards Russia: regional dynamics in the era of globalisation
Irena Molodikova

21. Caught between East and West: Ukrainian migration in the 21st century
Lyubov Zhyznomirska and Svitlana Odynets

Part IV Migration, Globalisation and Climate Change
22. Migration and climate change in the Pacific
John R. Campbell

23. Climate change refugees
Fanny Thornton

Part V A Cultural Perspective on Migration in a Global Era
24. Transnational family dynamics in Asia
Brenda S. A. Yeoh, Shirlena Huang and Theodora Lam

25. Transnational families in the era of global mobility
Loretta Baldassar, Majella Kilkey, Laura Merla and Raelene Wilding

26. Gender, migration and globalisation: an overview of the debates
Sabrina Marchetti

27. Globalised culture flows, transnational fields and transcultural capital
Ulrike H. Meinhof


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