Handbook of Mixed Methods Research in Business and Management


Handbook of Mixed Methods Research in Business and Management

9781800887947 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Roslyn Cameron, Director of the Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA), Torrens University Australia and Xanthe Golenko, Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith University, Griffith Business School, Australia
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 794 7 Extent: 450 pp
This timely Handbook illustrates a myriad of theoretical and practical applications in the utility of mixed methods research (MMR) in business and management. It surveys innovations in MMR to provide a full overview of the past, current, and future complexities of the field.

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This timely Handbook illustrates a myriad of theoretical and practical applications in the utility of mixed methods research (MMR) in business and management. It surveys innovations in MMR to provide a full overview of the past, current, and future complexities of the field.

With 26 chapters authored by leading international researchers, this fascinating Handbook provides a rich overview of methodological insights into business-applied MMR. It details foundationally important data integration techniques, quality criteria in MMR, and innovative analytical techniques such as qualitative comparative analysis and multilevel MMR. By investigating the effect of rapid developments of new technology such as AI, it focuses on the future of the field, making this Handbook indispensable for maintaining the practice of business and management research for future scholarly generations.

The Handbook of Mixed Methods Research in Business and Management will be a crucial read for academics and students researching areas within business and management, human resource management, and economics. Additionally, its examination of case study examples of problems and phenomena in business and management will be useful for those in industry and policy formulation.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook is both timely and comprehensive. I have previously sought such material for scholars that provides both a rationale and methodology for conducting MMR, especially given the potential for this approach to strengthen support for research findings. In addition to discipline specific foci, project management and case study examples this book includes much more making it highly recommended for libraries, researchers and research focused courses.’
– Julia Connell, University of Newcastle, Australia
Contributors: Kripa Ananthpur, Siobhan Banks, Pat Bazeley, Omar Bentahar, Alessandro Bressan, Emma Bullock, Roslyn Cameron, Fiona Chatteur, Jane S. Christie, Elizabeth Eppel, Elsa Escalante, Sergi Fabregues, Aharon Factor, Farveh Farivar, Micheal Fetters, Anneke Fitzgerald, Xanthe Golenko, Ryan B. Gould, Timothy C. Guetterman, Heinz Herrmann, Ross Homel, Illan Katz, Jennifer Kosiol, Judy A Lowthian, Samantha Low-Choy, Mieke Leppens, Raymond Mathews, Claudia Meyer, José F. Molina-Azorin, Valerie Morrison, Victoria Murphy, Valerie O’Keeffe, Rajna Ogrin, Michelle L Oppert, Phoebe Perkins, Claire Pierce, Cheryl N. Poth, Giao Reynolds, Judy Rose, Eustathios Sainidis, Shankar Sankaran, Maryam Sassoli, Angie Shafei, Peggy Shannon-Baker, Courtney Toledo, Sinem Toraman, Matthew J. Xerri

1 Introduction: mixed methods research in business and management fields 2
Xanthe Golenko and Roslyn Cameron
2 Historical and comparative perspectives on MMR in business, the social
sciences and medicine 11
Roslyn Cameron, Heinz Herrmann and Giao Reynolds

3 From mixed data sources to multimethods and integrative mixed methods 28
Pat Bazeley
4 Choosing a qualitatively oriented mixed methods research approach:
recommendations for researchers 41
Courtney Toledo and Peggy Shannon-Baker
5 Responsible mixed methods research (RMMR): a case for managing
ethics and AI in MMR 55
Heinz Herrmann and Roslyn Cameron
6 Assessing quality in mixed methods research: concepts, frameworks,
and criteria 76
Sergi Fàbregues, Elsa Lucia Escalante-Barrios, Sinem Toraman Turk,
Timothy C. Gattermann and Michael Fetters
7 Working in multidisciplinary and methodologically diverse teams:
practical lessons from collaborating with defence-based organisations 94
Michelle Leanne Oppert, Siobhan Banks, Valerie O’Keeffe and Raymond

8 Mixed methods prevalence studies, publishing strategies and reporting
in business and management fields 110
José F. Molina-Azorin
9 The optics of mixed methods research in the accounting field
(2015–2020): a case of the untrained eye or methodological tunnel vision? 123
Giao Reynolds and Roslyn Cameron
10 The application of mixed methods in project management research:
recent trends in their use and reporting 141
Shankar Sankaran and Omar Bentahar
11 Mixed methods practice in operational research: designs for wicked problems 163
Jane S. Christie
12 Promoting mixed methods research in sport management 179
Valerie J. Morrison
13 Understanding complexity in sustainable business: the impetus for
mixed method research 194
Aharon Factor, Alessandro Bressan and Eustathios Sainidis
14 Lessons from conducting mixed methods research prevalence studies:
recommendations for overcoming the challenges of inconsistent reporting 208
Jennifer Kosiol, Angie Shafei, Maryam Sassoli, Roslyn Cameron and Anneke
15 Challenging traditional methodologies in health management research:
MMR applications in the codesign, implementation, and evaluation of
a health care intervention 224
Xanthe Golenko, Claudia Meyer, Rajna Ogrin and Judy A. Lowthian
16 Using a longitudinal MMR design to capture the complexity of outcome
and process driven governance in rural India 244
Kripa Ananth Pur

17 Who matters most? The salience sampling method for identifying and
reporting key informants for qualitative components of MMR designs 260
Ryan Gould, Mathew Xerri and Anneke Fitzgerald
18 Multilevel mixed methods research designs in business and management 275
Victoria Murphy
19 Qualitative comparative analysis in mixed methods research designs 292
Farveh Farivar
20 Enriching thematic analysis with clustering techniques: applying mixed
analysis to interviews about big data linkage 310
Judy Rose, Samantha Low-Choy, Ilan Katz and Ross Homel

21 Adaptive mixed methods research design practices to address
complexity in business and management research 329
Cheryl N. Poth, Emma P. Bullock and Elizabeth Eppel
22 A mixed methods research notation system for complex designs 348
Roslyn Cameron
23 Mixed methods action research: a creative and comprehensive research
approach for complex practical problems 365
Claire Pierce
24 Introducing the systematic science mapping framework: an innovative
and mixed approach for macro scale reviews 381
Heinz Herrmann
25 Mixed methods studies in design practice and suggestions for business
and management research 394
Mieke Leppens, Fiona Chatteur and Phoebe Perkins

26 Mapping mixed methods in business and management and charting the
future course 411
Roslyn Cameron and Xanthe Golenko

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